Checking Multiple Variables?

I’m trying to have C-Script check three variables for a segment in the game.

*if ((Delacruse >= 60) and (GenderValue = 1) and (Religion = 2))
*goto DelacruseInteres

This is the particular line that isn’t parsing. Basically the way it should be reading in plain English is

“If your relationship is 60 or higher, your character is a man and your character is Christian, goto ‘scene’”.

The quick-test is telling me “expected close parenthesis”. I know a work-around for this already but it’s messy so I’m trying to see if there’s a better way.

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Also when I change it to include another ) after GenderValue = 1 it tells me “expected operator”

Disregard. I miscounted the number of ) that I had.

Proper stuff looks like this:

*if (((Delacruse >= 60) and (GenderValue = 1)) and (Religion = 2))

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