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Hello, so i’m currently planning to make a game based of an already existing media, its a fan-fiction basically.
With the same setting but a new cast and some new stories with some headcanons. I’m not planning to publish but rather host in dashingdon to be played for free since this project are going to be a hobby project.

Now to the question, i’m still at planning stage and i have this one question. The media i based to make this fan-fiction has a lot of important or notable characters. This makes me want to make an characters information section in stats just like some other games. However, i also planning to add a face image for every each character(only for the important or notable characters). Do some of you has an advice for what should i do?. Should i just go with a brief info for each character?. Does having many images potentially break a game in some way?.

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Not sure about some of those questions, but some people commission art from people, or, others use Art Breeder for more “realistic” pictures

Edit: although using artbreeder can sometimes be a bit difficult to use

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No. Just resize them and make sure they are not heavy… this is what my stats screen looks like, in addition to other images in my game.

Also make sure to add a toggle for people who doesn’t want to display images.


Owhhh i have tried artbreader before to make characters before but its so confusing and time-consuming for me. Do you know more good face image/avatar maker site/app?

Owhh. Kk thanks. Can you tell me what is the limit for byte size per image?

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I know of, which I find to be better at this sort of thing. Absurdly good, in my opinion, though it may take a few goes at it to get something you like.


I haven’t tried that one, but I’m very familiar with artbreeder. What makes it better in your opinion? The one big limitation artbreeder has in my opnion, is having to use user generated genes to finetune specific facial features, like, let’s say nose size. Does artflow let you do that?


You type a description and it generates off of that. So you can get really specific and clear. It doesn’t always figure everything out, but you can keep trying to get it to go with what you want.


Since you’re going to host it on Dashington, here are the size info for the site: Just make sure the images are not over 2MB (per image)



Thank you so much!

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Owh thanks for the help. I just tried it and it was better than artbreader but still kinda hard to get the image that fit the character. I search type “A white blond spiky-haired 15 years old teen boy with a jerk personality” and still haven’t find the correct image(sometime the site doesnt even generate a teen-looking character but rather a 30 years old-looking character) but i’m still gonna try

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I know this is an older post, but artflow now has the option to finetune features! It’s called reflow, and you should see it under an already generated picture. You can make it look way different, or just make slight changes to make the design just right.

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