Change of narrating style midway

I have been working this for some time but will like to know the opinions of others.

So what if i start the story from a third person’s view, introduce the characters (but keep the MC’s name out of it and simply refer to him as a boy.

But after a chapter or two there is a point where the narration starts from the First person “point of view”.where he takes over with present tense manner of speech and the story continues like that.

please let me know your thoughts. im new to such ideas and will appreciate the suggestions.

I’m not sure about it, changing narrative style mid-story isn’t rly my style.

But if there’re any logical explanations for it, plot wise, maybe I can tolerate it.

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Is there any particular reason why you need to start the story from the third-person point of view? In my opinion, a POV change like that could be jarring, especially if it never switches back to third-person again. Unless it’s justified why it needed to start out like that in the first place?

So… I am incredibly picky when it comes to PoV changes. And PoV in general.

PoV changes don’t usually work well. They can be used to great effect if you have a good reason to use them (So You’re Possessed has a fun transition from second to first person for a bit). So why are you using the change? Is it just so we don’t know the thoughts of the MC? Or so we know a little more about the plot than the MC does? (I’m just guessing here. You don’t give us much to work off of) Because the former isn’t a strong enough reason (start later in the narrative) and the latter throws off a first person game (since you’re effectively giving an omniscient person control of a character who shouldn’t know the full story).

If it’s something stronger… maybe. But you have to prove that this was the only way to get your point across, instead of just being used to fudge what the readers know.

My thoughts when I come across stuff like this go roughly as follows (I’m not directing it at you specifically… I have no idea what your writing style is to be this abrupt about it. These are just things that have run through my mind when I read or play things that try this.)

It breaks immersion for one… Changing PoV reminds me I’m reading something. It’s abrupt and pulls me out of the plot, and once I’m out, you’re more likely to lose me (I won’t want to sleep if I’m wrapped up in the tension of the plot, but if it’s already broken with a jarring transition… ehh I’ll sleep. And maybe get back to this game sometime eventually).

Part the second, third person carries different expectations than first person, a different narrative style, that leads to a slightly different gaming experience. I go into third person games expecting to play them one way, and first another. I might not be enthusiastic about needing to change gears when you shift the narrative.

And part tres, it’s not common style. Not in books, not in writing. So unless you are a phenomenal writer (I’m not saying you aren’t but tread with care) I’m going to assume you’re making an amateur mistake and I’m going to think, at some level that you don’t know what you’re doing. And I’m going to be watching for mistakes in your writing.

It’s not exaxtly midway, but rather near the end, but have you played Fateheaven HG? It doescthat, with very good reasoning storywise why it’s happening.

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And as I said when I first read it,

(Major spoilers for Fatehaven behind the link).

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