Champion of the Gods -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED


The new game by Jonathan Valuckas, author of “The Fleet,” is read for beta!

Please write to me for access: jason AT choiceofgames

Please include your forum name in the email. Send feedback to ME.

Remember to provide actual feedback after playing. If you use the BUG function in the game to report an error, make sure to SAY WHO YOU ARE in the body of the email; otherwise, you won’t get credit for the report.

Tell us what works for you and what doesn’t work. If you say, “I enjoyed playing the game and didn’t find any errors,” that’s of no value. We have autotests to tell us that the game doesn’t crash. We want you to tell us what you don’t like about the game…what can be improved, changed, added, etc.


I have sent the email


Email sent (Filler.)


I sent you an email for the beta


I sent the email…


@jasonstevanhill Am I supposed to log in with the same email and password as my CoG ones? It isn’t working.


I’m going to quote myself here.


I sent the email…


i have sent an email to you


Email has been sent.


Email has been sent.


email has been send.


I have sent the email


Sent the email!!!


Email sent to you!!!~


i have sent the email to you


There’s a new draft up.


Hi I’m Sean’s (HapaMama93) and I’d rely love to beta test…


@hapamama93 Please read the first post of this thread. Please then follow the instructions there. Do the same for the other beta-test thread you’ve also commented on.

Also note, that beta-testing games does actually take time. You should probably focus testing one game first, doing a good job of it, before then moving onto the next, as opposed to both at the same time.


I’m not accepting new testers at this point.

However, for those who have already have access, there’s a new draft up. If you have a chance to play again…