Can't find variable Alertify

Can’t find variable Alertify

Not sure about this one. I’ve gotten it twice now:

  • Once at the very end of a playthrough.

  • Once when using an *input_number

Any ideas?

Oh, and I have no such variable or call upon any such variable, telling me that this is a Choice Script thing.

I would guess that you need a new copy of the CS files.

I think I have the most up to date. Hmmm… I’ll reload anyway, just in case.

It WAS the same version I’m running. But maybe my Dropbox version was older? Updated both. Hopefully that fixes it. Thanks @Samuel_H_Young!

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Alertify is the JS library used to display the dialog boxes (restart? Yes/no etc).
So I’d imagine as Samuel says you need to redownload the CS core.

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Crap, still having Alertify troubles. I have the most up to date files. Two spots that I’ve noticed:

  1. When I use the *achieve command. Should I be able to use it without anything happening?

  2. During a *input_number I put in 1000 and it gave me alertify troubles.

I’d like to solve this before Beta Testing. Any ideas?

Solved #2. I’ll bet it’s an iOS thing, right? I get a nice little window saying that I have exceeded the amount I tried to enter, when I’m on the computer, but since that’s Java, that won’t work on an iPad, right? Thus, an error.

Back to #1, may I use the *achieve command, or should I be leaving it out until release?

It should work just fine on iPad, even if the popup doesn’t, it shouldn’t “error” or crash - just stop you proceeding, until you pick an acceptable number.

You should definitely be OK to use the *achieve command.

And yet both are distinctly crashing despite having the most up to date Choicescript. I changed the *achieve to comments and put a ridiculously high max on the *input_number and checked the max myself, so it’s no longer crashing for now.

Are you developing on an iPad? Does it work ok on a desktop?

I use both, but I like to test on the iPad. Yes, it works on the PC, but on on the iPad, which is why I blamed Java. :slight_smile:

Choicescript is written in JavaScript, which is very different from Java (despite the name). There is a Java branch of Choicescript but I’m pretty sure that’s only used for the Kindle Fire versions.
This might be a bug, annoyingly I don’t have an iPad to confirm or test it on.