Can you write choicescript in replit? can be used with node.js, butI am unable to download node.js at the moment. Is it possible to code in choicescript on, and if so, how?

I tried opening the run-server.bat in, but I’m not seeing the example game, just the licensing.

The ability to code in Choicescript comes down more to understanding how to use the code and less about the method by which you write it down. You can code in Choicescript using the basic Notepad app. Someone made an extension for Visual Studio recently that supports color-coding for Choicescript. So, in theory, you can write Choicescript in (though I know absolutely nothing about that app, so your results may vary).

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That looks like an online/in-browser IDE? (Please correct me if I’m wrong).
So you’ll be able to write it fine, but you might find it difficult to test it. Maybe it’ll let you execute the node commands. You can only try.