Can you block/ignore users?

I think it’s also perhaps worth reiterating that it’s possible to mute specific threads. If there’s a topic that’s proving particularly bothersome because of the subject matter, or whatever other reason (without being actually offensive and thus flag-worthy), at least there’s a way to make that topic invisible—or even an entire category, if one prefers.

And there are actually a lot of quite large Discourse communities, so it’s a model that’s being used across a number of different cultures, languages, interest groups, et cetera.


This post made me Lol. :yum:

I do know what you mean, TBH. Some people can be… More difficult to talk to than others. With people like this, I suppose there are three possible ways to deal with them:

1: Reply to their messages and just try to logically explain why your opinion is different from theirs. (Not sure I’d recommend this option. It’s what I usually try to do, but this mostly just ends up in the other person becoming more frustrated and trying harder to persuade me that my opinion is wrong.)

2: Just ignore them. Don’t read their posts and don’t reply to their PMs. Just stick your fingers in your ears and go, “La la la, I’m not listening” until they go away. :yum:

3: If the person in question is PMing you, politely inform them that you don’t want them to PM you anymore and tell them that if they continue to PM you, you’ll report them. They probably won’t be happy about it, but if they continue to PM you, even after you’ve asked them not to, I imagine the mods would be quick to do something about it. Most likely they’d give the person a warning not to message you again, and if they carried on messaging you, even after specifically being asked not to, they might very well get banned for harassment.


If you’re referring to the kind of people who will derail a regular conversation about the new Star Wars movie to go on a ten paragraph rant trying to convince everyone in the forum that the world is banana shaped, I find it’s easier to just laugh about it, rather than let myself get frustrated. :yum:


The reason for joining this community is different for each individual, except we all have a common thread that binds us together. The desire to participate in the CoG/Hosted Games experience. As such, we, as a collective should respect the desire of each and every other community member to participate as well.

I’m not going to go into the ethics and morality of blocks/mutes - I just want us to focus on what brings us all here.

Part of the CoG/Hosted Games experience is the company’s mission to further the inclusion of those marginalized elsewhere in the mainstream western internet community. This does mean the standards and norms for what is tolerated or what is policed is different then you would find in the more mainstream communities.

As it relates to the CoG and Hosted games, I think the most important thing to keep in mind is the respect due the community members. Reviewers and testers need to keep in mind that that the authors here are due respect for their accomplishments. This is not to limit criticism but rather to keep it within the constructive criticism arena.

Just like authors need to respect those providing the feedback and testing. Testers may not say things you expect as an author ( I will never forget being told my allegoric writing gave the tester the idea I was writing about bestiality) but part of participating here in this community is respecting the tester and their feedback.

A block/ignore feature defeats the above idea - for both authors and testers. If this is not the type of experience you wish as an author, you are free to run other types of groups and you are free not to participate here. Some of the most well known authors rarely or never visit.

Personally, I love getting to know the community because I feel I can connect in my writing with them better this way but I also know that in getting to know everyone we may see some of each other that is not ideal. I am willing to accept this community as it is because I found it has given me more then it demands.

As a tester, the same things apply. Just in a mirror type of way.

Please keep in mind that most mods and leaders here are volunteers that are also writers/developers and they may not always be around seeing everything. Especially in off-topic sections where most of us just don’t have the time to go through tens and even scores of threads.

Flagging a post will allow the moderators to focus on problematic issues. It doesn’t mean the flagged post is automatically “wrong” or the author penalized. It just means that someone thinks this deserves attention as a potential issue - some more urgent then others.

It is better to make everyone aware with such flags due to limited time then let things fester and boil over into something major. I honestly see this as something that is good about this community - the thread owners have a bit more control over how sensitive they want their topics to be and some, like Cataphrak and Multiplechoice allow more then others.

With regards to politics and some of the other off-topic threads - I personally don’t have the time to pursue the posts there I once did - so I don’t see things I once did. These are the threads where flagging would help the most.

My first wall of text for 2018. Not even 24 hours into the new year. The irony does not escape me.


How new can it honestly be?

In all seriousness, while I greatly appreciate Cataphrak and other permissive thread authors, I feel like my occasionally confrontational hotheadedness takes advantage of their laxness. That is to say, sometimes I feel like I come off as a bully, and I try to reign myself in before I cross that line.

Not everyone second-guesses themselves as much as I do, but I suppose having your thoughts spewed upon a screen to be weighed, measured and found wanting is something that can give at least a few forumgoers pause. I guess it would count as the first line of defense against off-topic spam, with topic splitting and outright lockin down the topic being further down the line.

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It seems like this entire thread is a discussion about something that no one reading this thread has the power to change regardless of whether or not a consensus could be reached.

I too agree with the need for the ability by individuals to mute or ignore other individuals.

@dfabulich In my opinion, this does not address that there are things which do not qualify as against the rules as they are now but still negatively impact the forum environment for many users.

I think the forum as it stands now alternates between extremes. In the time I have been reading these forums, there has only been one person that I seriously wanted to mute or ignore. Being unable to find such an option, I considered suppressing notifications of that person’s activity but the problem is that the reason I see that person’s posts in the first place is that the person would comment on threads that I found worth reading. I refuse to stop reading an entire thread merely because someone other than the author made abhorrent or unintelligible comments. Apparently, I was not the only one to feel that way as that person ended up banned. However, banning is an overly extreme reaction that effectively mutes that user for every other user regardless of whether or not they wished such. I also know a few authors commented about valuing that user’s comments as being a viewpoint the author would not otherwise have seen. I must admit that on very rare occasions I found myself agreeing with an insightful comment by this person or grateful for some bit of information I would never otherwise have learned. Currently, users effectively get ignored by the entire community regardless of individual wishes or entire intelligent discussions get closed down rather than merely allowing anyone who feels offended to opt out. If an ignore option had been present, that user and similar others might still be contributing today.

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I must ask: do you mean me?

Dunno about you guys, but I joined to unwind after a long day and read about cool things the community is working on.

But if certain members of the community annoy me–and there are a couple–, then I’d like the option to block them. Sometimes muting threads isn’t enough because those annoyances might share your interests, and you might have to interact either way.


I don’t think it was meant towards you … Your comments and posts always had been accompanied with reasonable points , even in an argument, you had taken your time to lay out reasonable points and argument with detail information… even if i may not be in agreeable circumstances with you, your comments and posts always worth a read , your commitment in your thoughts and inputs are always admirable …


What do you have in mind? (We can change the rules.)

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Like ban everyone tallking about politic/religion/sex etc.? It won’t work…

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No. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a general rule, I’d assume that anyone who thinks someone might want to ignore them is too self-aware to be a PITA on the level that people want to ignore them.

To pick up @dfabulich 's image of the park, I can deal with the litter, but I have an issue with people playing music I don’t like out loud on their boom box or whatever. They’re within their rights to do it, they’re not hurting anyone and I still want to go over there and kick the whole thing over cause they annoy me. Since that’s not great for them or the community here at our local park I’d rather have some earbuds.

Cause again, I’m specifically not talking about people committing flaggable offences, just people whose way of posting I find personally offensive. I come from a debate culture with clearly delineated ways of presenting or countering an argument, including a burden of proof for every point you raise.

Let’s say we are currently having this discussion right here. Now, someone comes into the thread and posts, ‘IDK what you mean, we don’t need an ignore feature’. That may be their valid opinion, and they’re not derailing the thread or spamming it, but it’s just not good enough for me since it’s devoid of any evidence to support the statement and if all that poster’s contributions to any thread they ever post in are like that I plain don’t need them around. Worse are people who just make up their evidence, admittedly, but I’ve only seen very rare cases of that around here. Imagine someone posting to this thread, ‘if we don’t get an ignore feature people will commit suicide cause they can’t escape the meanness of other forum goers’. Still not malicious or derailing the thread or spam, just a very harebrained personal opinion. And again, if that happens a lot with a given poster then I don’t want to be around them.

Flags are fine for policing actual flaming, trolling, spamming etc. but there are nuances to human interaction that are best handled by two people ignoring each other. In a social situation, I can just go where that person is not. In a forum with open threads where everyone can join, well, an ignore feature would make it easier on everyone even if it’s a cheap way out.

Also… @Avery_Moore it’s so funny you mention the Star Wars thread cause that’s definitely one place where I felt like I wanted to ignore someone.


I block users under the following criteria.

  • They post something I disagree with.
  • They post something I agree with.
  • The total letters of their username are divisible by 4.
  • Their username includes an E.
  • They edited a post.
  • Every third poster in a thread (this is the lightning round).

I do this by using permanent marker on my monitor to remove the offending posts. I’m on a first-name basis with my local computer parts guy.


Well, no matter what policy I defend I can say the time I’ve spent around here has provided me with a mostly positive experience. Sure, I’ve had a few disagreements and a few arguments gone sour (there was an individual here I borderlined hated but they’re gone now so all is well).

We have here a community that seeks to provide shelter to those who have suffered societal segregration yet manages to keep it’s composure without forming an overly oppresive enviroment for the rest. For the most part there’s a happy medium, sense of respect and tolerance amidst the people, even if they possess entirely different opinions and mindsets over certain things. You can’t say the same about other social medias or the internet in general.

Given the kind of forum this is, the fact it’s policied by mods and has no block feature, I think it ain’t that bad.


Particularly not in a community where many of the games themselves deal with such issues and will often contain allegories to their real-world equivalents, thinly-veiled or no, intentional or no.

The immediate price to pay will be that you’re going to see either gaps or blacked out text in such threads, similar to almost any freedom of information request you might make with the courts or the government, which can on occasion make it very hard to follow what’s going on.


Granted, but I’m not below unignoring someone to get me some context if I realize I’m reading a statement in reference to something or someone I’m not usually seeing. I mean, ignoring users has been a staple of most any forum software for the past 20 years that I recall. It’s not like reinventing the wheel; this is a problem that was solved over a decade ago already.

Never mind that any opinion on anything can be divisive. Also see the Star Wars The Last Jedi thread. Or my personal dislike of democracy. Hell, I once had a fight with someone over the validity of capitalism because their idea saw the generation of wealth as happening in a vacuum. Politics, sex and religion make for some of the best stories for a reason. The Three Musketeers has all three of those and look where that got it.

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Keep to the topic :wink:

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Depends on whether ignoring or un-ignoring is implemented as a casual action, I’ve been on other forums where un-ignoring required some sort of approval or waiting-period, which can still make it inconvenient, even if it was implemented to prevent spamming the function.
On the one hand implementing it as a casual action makes it into a very cheap tool, but if you try to give more weight to the decision, it eliminates the convenience you speak of and you’re going to have to live with gaps and blacked out text.

Given the safe-haven nature of this forum, I would not support the cheap version here, ignoring, if it’s going to be possible here, has to be an action with some real weight to it and not a whim, as many people who come here including me are ignored, talked down to, etc on whims every single day.
Not wanting to engage to the point of not wanting to see someone’s content at all is something I can tentatively support, but not as a casual feature, at least not here.
This is not primarily a raging politics forum where ignoring is useful as the “time-out” or “cool-off” button on occasion.
Lastly on some other forums I’ve been on in the past some of the users I most wanted to ignore where the ones I couldn’t because the worst bigots were some of the mods, whom you cannot ignore, which can be a very big flaw in the system.

So the tyranny of the majority, eh? Well that’s often no good for people like me if the majority decides they’d like to have a good old fashioned stoning of the gays, for example.
But, as @Eiwynn just said maybe not discuss this right here and now.


Relax, I’m not about monarchy or something :smile:
I just mention that in democracy it’s hard to change anything thanks to bureaucracy and differences in sociality.


Yes. As much as I love most of authors on this site, many of the users are very… sensitive.