Can the code "read" the current background style?

For my game, I want to insert an image that “blends in” with the background. The problem is, ChoiceScript allows for switching between four different background styles, and while I don’t have an issue preparing four different images, there’s also the matter of knowing which style the player has enabled at the given point. Is there variable I can access, or a command I can type to check the current background color?

And no, making the image background transparent won’t fix my issue. I specifically want to know whether this “background recognition” is possible, thanks in advance.

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(choice_nightmode) can be used to determine if the player is currently using the dark/black/nightmode background.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to determine the difference between the white and sepia backgrounds (and I’m not sure what the fourth background you’re referring to is?)


Yeah it’s three, I just wrote that part wrong.

Anyways, determining when the night mode is used should be sufficient for my purposes, so thanks for that.


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