Can some one please point me to a list of commands available?

Hi, I’m new to the ChoiceScripts, and after going through the tutorials in the wiki, I’m still lost in finding a page with all the commands listed. For example, if I want to store a character name typed by the reader into a permanent variable string called Char_name, how do I do that ? more specifically, how do i set the command to prompt the reader to input a name ? also, are there examples of these kind of codes some where I can look at and study ?

Thanks in advance and sorry if the question is very basic

The main site has stuff

Once you’re done with that the wiki’s a good place to start

Choice of Box is meant to be a resource to help too.

I made a tutorial . A Basic Tutorial on Name, Relationship and Gender Variables that should run you through the basics (and you can see how it works if you copy/paste it into the IDE.

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thanks so much, i will look at your tutorials