Can I make an inventory by setting the items to true?


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How do I make an inventory system for a game? It has to work with CS-IDE system too.


If you type “Inventory” on the forum’s search function, pretty much all kind of “inventory builds” are there. They work, too.

However, if you want to make your own system, you may want to utilize BOOLEAN variables as well as STRING variables for each item.

I personally use NUMERIC variables combined with “multireplace” @{} function to make my own inventory. I found it’s much more compact while still manageable.

But of course, if you’re not used to coding, my code will probably… not easy to use. :v:t4:


As @Szaal mentioned, there are lots of different ways, so try searching the forum for previous inquiries. The CS wiki also has one example of a build (down toward the bottom) that’ll make you a simple list. Once you get used to the basic idea you can try tweaking things to better suit your needs.

Let us know more specifics about what you’re looking for if you want us to provide actual code for you (will you be dealing with multiples of items? do you want a list separated by commas or a bulleted list? etc etc).


If you’re using a Desktop version of CSIDE (the Web version doesn’t support Example Projects) then you can import the Interactive CSIDE Tutorial from the ‘Example Projects & Templates’ tab, top-right. That tutorial includes an inventory system (you can view the tutorial’s own choicescript_stats file within CSIDE to see the code), which is explained in Lesson #9 if you run the tutorial itself (just click that project’s ‘Run’ button as you would for your own game project).


You made this offer to someone else other than me but just on the cheeky off chance you’re still game I’m sending you this.

I’m trying to create an inventory and clothing system for a game inspired by Hong Kong action cinema.

So far I’ve created a simple system for clothing which consists of three variables
clothes “trench coat”

clothcon “fine” This is simple text so I can Ctrl D right into the narrative. Your clothes can be in fine condition, bloody, rags or bloody rags.

Some If statements might get triggered if your clothes <> “fine”

clothinv 1 This is a number between 1 and 3 which governs the weapon concealability of that item of clothing.

Weapons. I’ve got a laundry list of weapons and I would like to know whether or not the player is holding the weapon openly, has it concealed on his person, is carrying it in a duffel bag, whether it’s stashed in a car or stashed in a boat.

I’d also like to know if the weapon is silenced or not or is out of ammo.


Sorry for not getting back to you on this. What are you after, just some pointers on structure or a coded example?


Either would be good.