Bug with failing stat checks I should have passed

I’ve only had this issue with Heart of the House so far, playing on safari. Up until I head to Darnecroy Manor everything is fine, but after that I begin randomly failing checks that according to the code I should have passed. So far I’ve had this issue in three spots; when investigating the spirits outside (requires 30+ arcanum, I have 50 at that point), eavesdropping at the door (requires 25+ grit when I have 40), and mollifying Reaves after talking to Oriana (30+ charm, have 60). For all of these I get the dialogue and stats of a failed check. I’ve checked and confirmed that this issue persists on safari, in the individual app, and the omnibus. Even odder, on same playthroughs I pass the grit check and some I don’t, despite making the literal exact same choices every time. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’m playing on an iPad with iOS 12.1.1, if that helps.

Heart of the House uses an algorithm on the stats page to double the actual value of your stats so they fill out the percentage bars better. For the purposes of the tests in the code, the actual value of your stats is half of what you see on the stats page.

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Oh, thanks!