Broken images in compiled stories?

Hi everyone, just wondering how I get images to show correctly in complied stories. The images show up ok when I play it from the the file on my computer, but not in the compiled version. Do I have to do something with the photo files to get them to work?

There are some helpful tips for including images in a compiled game here: Formatting in choicescript

Thanks Fiogan :slight_smile: I think that’s for displaying web images though(unless I’ve read it wrong?)

Actually I think it’s ok. The way I was reading it, was images probably won’t work in a complied game without web hosting them, but should work in the official release?

I’m not the most tech-savvy, but I believe those are instructions for converting an image (.jpg, .png, whatever) to raw data - to the string of numbers and letters shown. Then when you enter the raw data with the *image command, it’ll bring up the picture in your game. The online part is only in using one of the picture-to-data converters, to give you the raw data which converts back into an image in your game file.

And that’s correct, the images will appear properly in the official release. My thought was just that perhaps it would be nice to include the images in a work in progress undergoing beta testing.

It’s also possible to host online and then provide an in-game link. I suppose the best solution would depend on what your images are for and where you want to use them.

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Cools, thanks @Fiogan :smile: