Blocking out certain romance options depending on gender

So im kind of confused on this. I have one route I need to block for only male mc’s as it is a gay only romance option but how do I do that? How do I make it so female mc’s cant choose the options for this route?

In plain text flow:

*if (gender = "male")
   *goto x
   *goto y

With *label x being for the path.

As option

   *if (gender = "male") #option for guys
      *goto x
   #other option
      *goto y
   #other option 2
      *goto z

The *if is for whatever variable you are using for gender

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Is there a way to sort of grey out the choice for the for the gender?

Ah, forgot that.

That can be done with *selectable_if

Awesome thanks a lot

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