Betatesting category: New topic button remains unavailable

Hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

I’m trying to create a new topic in the betatesting category but the new topic button remains unavailable so I can’t create a new topic.

Not sure if my level on the forum isn’t high enough or there is something wrong with my category and filters.

The new topic button in all the other categories is available, just not in the betatesting category.

Kind regards


The beta testing category is used by staff to announce Choice of Games or Hearts Choice betas. If you are looking to find people to test your game, you’d want to make it in Hosted Games Works in Progress (or post on your existing thread if it’s not a new game needing a new thread). If you just want to discuss beta testing in general, I’d suggest posting in the Writing and Content category. I hope that’s helpful!


Thank you, very helpful nad much appreciated.