Beta Testers Needed- The Half Breed

To be fair, he appears not have the usual tag that Hosted Author’s have. @Eiwynn, I assume Liam can have this added? I’m not too sure how it works.

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Hi –

@liam12361 – you’ll want to contact CoG support directly by sending an email to

They then will direct this to the proper person that can enable your HG author tag.

Good luck on your new project.


Thank you I will email them now


It looks like your account has been updated.


Running your text through a free editing software would probably help catch a lot of the issues. Grammarly is a popular one that you can use for free to fix most of the major problems.

There are quite a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes. Some of your sentences run on too long making them hard to read.

Beyond that, for a game set in a medieval-ish time, a lot of the characters speak like it’s the modern day.

Best of luck though, I hope you continue to improve! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add I think testing this game on the forum longer than you did for your last game will be beneficial.


Thank you to everyone who has beta tested my game so far, if there is any erorrs including grammer and spelling please let me know.

I write my games using notepad so the text may have a capital letter or full stop when there shouldn’t be etc.


Have you looked into using CSIDE?

It has a basic spell-checker as well as testing capabilities.

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Yes I have

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Here’s an in-depth review of a portion of the game. Note: the “recommended fixes” in it are less of fixes and more of possible references on what you could do to improve the writing–we did our best to remain as faithful as the source material as possible.

In-depth Half Breed Review Part 1

I wish you the best, and good luck with your game. :pray:


I have taken steps to improve my grammer in and outside the game, thank to to everyone who had beta tested thus far.

anymore errors or mistakes please let me know.

Thanks again


The addition of a save system would be my suggestion, as I like to organize my moves and review situations from other points of view


A save feature would be nice since we can test picking different branches of choice without restarting the game.


Game has been updated with improved grammer


No one will fight the dragon with me even though we’re all allies

I’ve played through to that part and you’re right, I also noticed the stats good and evil don’t increase and decrease as intended so I will correct those too.

Hey everyone, I’ve tried contacting COG about my game and it’s been three weeks, still nothing.

anyone else having this issue?

If they haven’t replied in three weeks, I suppose you could send a follow up email politely.

Was this a query, or did you submit part/all the game assets to them?

Hey just a heads up your game is impossible to beat as when you get the option to team up with the house no matter what even if you are ally’s it makes you fight solo and you die.

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All the games files

Just follow up politely, but…

Might be a good idea to look into this first.