Best Protagonist?

It’s going to be amazing

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I can totally wait for that update then. Hype!

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It’s going to be EPIC

I also really enjoy the MC from Samurai of Hyuga, but the MC from Fallen Hero holds a special place in my heart, considering it was what introduced me to CoG! I also loved the MC from both Zombie Exodus’ and Community College Hero. When I play those games, it feels like characters alive, and I’m just helping them make their way through the story!


Wow this is kinda across the board for people tending to like playing the mc from samurai of Hyuga, I never really thought about them that much(doesn’t your personality get affected by stats?) I’ll take another playthrough of that later this week for refernce.

This is the feeling I get from a lot of the games, the immersion does tend to break if I step back and take a look at the cardboard protag with their random decisions and their sloped stats.

I have never been so at home with an mc, it’s like putting on a pair of gloves they just fit .

Yuck. Most honest choice I have ever made in a COG.


I agree sooo much. I absolutely adore the MC’s story, they’re probably my favorite MC in any Hosted Game.

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I could honestly gush for hours about how much I love Fallen Hero :star_struck:

@malinryden Thanks.


Agreed. Slammed feels slept on to me.


I always hear a lot of good things about slammed but have yet to even try the demo, I know it’s about wrestleing and apperntly has some pretty good romances.

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Hand down my favorite is Dragoon officer/ Hidalgo from Infinite sea series. Considering we are seeing them constantly evolved. And the first two games are really only setup for the rest of the series because I really begun until the third one Lords. What the series does really well and gets you into the mindset of the character and you may have to justify terrible choices.

Then of course choice LoA series I love all the MC


I have really liked a lot, but I think my ronin from Samurai of Hyuga and my hair in A Midsummer Night’s Choice were the ones that impacted me most.

With my ronin I could see myself taking the path of the sword since it’s not like women were given a lot of opportunity in that society and I’d rather die then let a man touch me then I could see assassination as a way of controlling my destiny, but I can also see the guilt getting to me and feeling the need to atone.

With Midsummer Night’s Choice it really hit me with the family dynamics, the terrible relationship with my father and then a whole lot of bad luck keeping me from the girl I love hit home. Being able to get my family together and marry my girl and unite the lands at the end never stops making my heart melt no matter how many times I play.


The romances are pretty good. The thing that really pulls me in is the narrative, the plot is super well written. It makes me actually care about backstage politics of wrestling.

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I never really continued after Sabres of Infinity. Would you recommend the sequels?

Your protagonist is designed and you said particular in the first game to be the most blank slate of it individual from that social class as can be. Your background choices and the actions of you make in saber define you as the individual and guns which makes you as interesting as any of the other characters by the beginning of guns. You got to think about this to is gonna be five games in the series each game is six years. Really Saber and guns or prologues. Pretty much established is your characters background and their social networks along with choices. Because in the context of the war you’re a fairly minor figure. But if you play your cards right by establishing good relationship skills and reputation you can be put up a celebrity. Honestly the game has not really begin till you return home to inherit your father’s title. Which is not even released yet.

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Definitely the butler in Tally Ho. They can be seemingly precise, poised, perfect!..Or a bumbling buffoon burning dinner, breaking glasses, and ruining relationships. All while smiling.

I can already imagine this scenario.
“Everything is absolutely under control milady!” says the now not so elegant maid as the mansion is engulfed in the fires of hell and a cacophony of wails can be heard in the distance. “Fine indeed”.


I have a thing for broken characters. As long as I am free to show that, I’m happy. Like From Ashes We Rise, or A Drop of Night or Children of the Gods.

As many others have said: Samurai of Huyga. (The author has some interesting articles/blog posts on their website, that might help explain why).

A Study in Steampunk

A Midsummer Night’s Choice

Hollywood Visionary (This is 95% because the ending I got just felt so satisfying, and almost had me tearing up).

Thieves’ Gambit

As for WIPs, I’d like to highlight @Snoe 's Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights
There’s some others, but most are abandoned or on long time hiatus, and that was the first one I thought of.


My favorite would be the MC of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. I really like how many things I can customize there and how the MCs appearance or the challenges influences the game.

Well, considering I am the one who chooses for the protagonist, I liked the heroes of many titles, but above all the medieval fantasy stories. I liked the hero of Lost Heir and Evertree Inn, and even though I didn’t really enjoy the sequel, the Hero of Kendrickstone’s protagonist was also to my liking. Of course, those are just the honorable mentions. I’ve enjoyed the MC in most of the games I played from here, with some exceptions when I wasn’t able to choose an option that I wanted to.

However, I think that the greatest protagonist of them all was the protagonist of The Aether: Life as a God, because, well, what is more perfect than a near-omnipotent godlike being?


Any MC i can turn into a OP killing machine

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