"Belle-de-Nuit"—Win duels and hearts in the city of love!

Our HC author contracts are for shorter wordcount games (i.e. the idea was we’d publish shorter games more often) but so far the final wordcounts for our different HCs are a bit all over the place :woman_shrugging:. In general you should expect an HC to be shorter than a COG. But price always reflects the wordcount.


Understood. And Rebecca’s other work was just so cool and an excellent way to spend my time. So looking forward to it. Thanks Mary.

Which stats is connected with acting? and threatening?

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I only success in love/hate relationship with Sebastian, my Swordsmanship is high, use your fire of revenge to beat him :slight_smile:

I think with acting is Masquerade. For threatening I believe is the opposite of Grace (don’t remember the name).

On other topic, I can’t find how to tie down Sebastian , and I’ve finished the game three times with both romance and rivalmance, and restart like at least twelve times till the first night. I’ve found that the option to do so appear if you don’t reveal your identity and stall for time for Amaryllis to come back , but everytime I’ve tried he discover my identity and get angry .

I think I’ve tried maximizing almost every stat and still I can’t manage. Anybody has any clue about this, please?

From my experiments so far, to be able to tie Sebastian up you need a Toughness of at least 70. As for the next set of choices I have yet to figure out how to get the threesome. :disappointed:

For threesome option, Have sex with A the night before. Agree to got up with S to follow through. When A returns there will be the threesome option

I don’t know, at the acting as Dexjeux scene, there’s a lying option along with acting option, they can’t both be Masquerade?

And punch should be Toughness?

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Enjoyed the game. For a relatively short one I thought everything was tied up nicely in the end.

Stat checks seemed a bit hard at times but there were many opportunities to gain stat points and I got the endings I wanted, especially beating that vainglorious, pretentious prick in the rematch.

I wasn’t a fan of the romance (Sebastian seemed to be the most developed RO, but I really disliked him and how often he popped up; Lou’s path, on the other hand, was pretty bland, which is in keeping with her rather bland character, but there still could’ve been something more exciting than sitting on a roof and talking when the other ROs got truth or dare and bête) but rather just enjoyed the setting and the storylines: the duelling, saving the brothel, the secret, Jacynthe and her boys. Will check out the author’s other game now.


Im really in love with this story. I was really happy when they briefly talked about my country, which is Portugal. B)

Great game. I cant seem to figure out how to get a tie in a duel with Sebastian or get the Of Friends and Family achievo, any tips?

Played the game recently and I enjoyed it a lot.

I wonder, was the main character inspired by Mylène Farmer’s music video " Libertine"? (Mylène Farmer - Libertine - YouTube)

Whole atmosphere kinda fits, it even starts with a duel (on pistols, not swords, but nonetheless). Even one of characteristics named the same. Could be coincidence, of cource.

I was unable to imagine my character as anyone else but the Mylène Farmer’s character in it :blush:

I’ve read it twice now and can’t seem to save the brothel :sob: what am I doing wrong?! Also how do I get a draw with Sebastian? I’ve romanced him both times now and I keep loosing

Amazing story btw! Really enjoyed it! :heart:

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To save the brothel you need to

ensure Denjeux will bankroll it. To do so you need to ensure he’s happy with the idea.
There are three moments you can influence him: first meeting at his house, his visit with Sebastian at the brothel, and second visit. Usually you just need to pick your strongest skill check to make a good impression on him. On his second visit you will have to either push him into relationship with Madame or to make him care about Lou. I assume. your relationship with them will also affect this.

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