August 2022's Writer Support Thread

Hey this sounds like a system I developed for a project I never got off the ground! Instead of managing stats, your character just has “tags” and there isn’t a single number to be found. So they might have the “shapeshifter” tag or the “stoneskin” tag or the “arachnophobia” tag, which are all listed on the stats screen and can be acquired naturally through play.

It has advantages and disadvantages. Experimenting with the format, I think, is a necessary part of game development. You have to push conventions.


Hi Everyone!

I’ve never joined a writers support thread before but I definitely think joining with you guys will keep me in line with my writing goals. A while back, I submitted my WIP on the interest thread and also have a Tumblr “Trial by Fire” account for it. I’ve mostly been working on the plot points the past few months and am ready to start writing.

My hope is at least to get the prologue out by mid-August or late August but I have way too much things to unpack in the prologue. I’m also very stubborn, I want the prologue to be written in someone else’s POV but all choices will be made by the MC. The reason being is that there are things that a character sees that MC will not see BUT it would help establish the setting… anddd I’m having some difficulty doing this haha.


Sound interesting… However I kindly advise you to change the title: Trial By Fire is already used in “Comunity College Hero Part 1: Trail By Fire”.
But if both COG and @Eric_Moser say it’s fine, keep it.


I don’t make the rules, but yeah, it’s the same title, and the publisher has required others to change proposed titles even when weren’t exactly the same as an existing published game (Keeper, I think? And Mike Walter’s new Space Force Captain one).

That being said, there is a LONG road between starting a WIP and getting publisher, and I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade at the beginning of their journey. Good luck, @Honne, I hope you enjoy the game making process.


Yeah, Keeper of Midnight had to be renamed The Midnight Saga: The Monster to avoid confusion with the Keeper of X and Y games.


So, I was starting to get into the habit of writing again… and then I got 2nd degree burns on my dominant hand. I am one unlucky soul.


Oooof, that’s terrible. I hope it heals well, and whatever painkillers you’re taking make the pain more of an annoyance than, well, the alternative.


I managed to hit my writing goals last month, which was a surprise. I’ll be spending the first week or two in August to edit and to get it up to satisfaction. And to get my stats page up too! I’ll only have the brain capacity to think of what (and how much) to write next when I’m done with this!

And that sounds terrible @GrimReaperJr1232 … I hope you will recover soon, and that the process is kept as pain-free as possible.


@JBento @Anjie

Thank you both for your concern. It’s blistered and yesterday it was absolutely agonizing, so the nerves are still working fine. I went to a clinic and got some burn cream and was told to take 800mg of ibuprofen. Definitely feeling much better today than yesterday.


You can do it. Now your focus should be on heal. I hope read the games here helps you feel a little better and pass easy your recovery time


@Rinnegato and @Eric_Moser - Good catch! I didn’t realize this was an issue. I’ll think of something to title it later on, Thank you!

It’ll definitely be a long while before even thinking about the process of publishing but I’m super excited to continue on my writing journey :slight_smile:


Oh, what was the original name?

I went through the same thing: A Kiss from Death had a name change late in development because Til Death Do Us Part was already the subtitle of another game. I think the new title suits it better in retrospect, but it was annoying having to go through and change all the instances of the title popping up, and also having to reprogram my brain to think of the game by its new title instead of its old.


Hello guys!

This is the first time I’m participating in these Writer Support threads :laughing:

I have been planning and outlining a story for over half a year now, and am finally beginning to start writing! My goal for this month is to finish writing the prologue :rofl:

I think I have a good chance, because even though I am still in university, my current school term is over and I just have one easy exam left this week :grinning: And starting next month I will be working as an intern, which means I will have time to write in the evenings and weekends! (school terms are actually more time consuming than work terms!)

I have been kind of a lurker for a few years here but I occasionally read these writer threads and it is really good motivation : D I hope I will be able to continue to participate now that I have actually started writing. Good luck everyone!


I wish you luck I recommend you take it step by step to not end burn out and dont hurry to have a demo take your time to edit and plan the best demo possible.


Well… it’s the first day that I was planning to do a big writing push and I’ve just discovered that I’ve got covid. Which is a massive frustration on top of feeling ill.


I got Covid last month on top of other terrible things happening in my life.

It’s going to be okay. First day is always the worst, then it gets better from there. Within two or three days, hopefully, the boredom of isolation and fear of social withdrawal and career damage will be your biggest concern. It did more financial damage to me than physical, so you gotta be prepared and do damage control after that.


Hi everyone.

First of all, my thoughts go to everyone with Covid. I wish you all a swift recovery. :heart:

Then, I’d like to share with you all some good news. I am spending some time with friends in Switzerland now. I found some inner peace and managed to write Chapter 10 of Last Dream.

As always, keep writing, guys! Bad times come and go, but never quit writing! And remember, you’ll always find friendly people here ready to help you. :star_struck:


I have coincidentally just recovered from covid! Strangely, day 3 was the worst for me, and it suddenly got significantly better from then on.

I’m looking forward to posting a demo update by the end of the week! I’ve not been online here as much as I wanted to be, unfortunately - but sometimes when I look at other WIP threads gaining much more traction and popularity than mine… it’s just. Really not too good for motivation.


Um, yours has well above average for popularity, if judged by likes to the main post. Hitting 400 in two months (which you just did) is a great pace that bodes well for future sales once it is published.


I know that feeling well, but you are doing nice. I had back in my time zero feedback and zero postings and nasty pms to go with causing me a big depression.

But, It is a lesson there. Why do we writing for? Money? validation? fame? the happiness of seeing our worlds coming alive?

For me, Itis a constant battle. None of my games will ever be popular here that is something that after a decade here everyone, me included knows.

But I have a job, I don’t write for the money. I would die for the validation but that will never come here as the stories I like to talk arent waifu material.

At the end of this my love for writing and makes my words coming alive and share them is why I write. That and to show myself that all my hard working has achieve something.