Are you afraid of never finishing your work?

I am someone who suffers from anxiety thinking about the possibility of leaving much of what is floating in my head unwritten and what I want to accomplish with it unattained, whether because I am not good enough, life gets in the way or especially if tragedy strikes younger than usual. I imagine this same feeling of “what if I let myself down permanently?” follows others out there too or has at least occurred to some of you. How have you handled this concern if you’ve at all had to?


Being unable to finish something is a natural occurence in life.

Losing focus on what is important though is extremely dangerous. There is a keen difference between being unable to finish a hobby project in ChoiceScript, and being unable to finish college.

The first one is inoffensive, a rite of passage…
The latter may affect your life and the life of the ones who depend on you.

The good news is that for both cases you can always look for support in your peers. This is a community after all, so. Let’s talk! :smiley:


Yes and I agree with @Nahim_Kerman that it is natural. Most people struggle with the events of their life and how to address and roll with those events.

School work aside, I have never finished a project I have started. Probably against what anyone reading my WIP wants to read, I have failed to finish every major project I have started. Sometimes you just need the right push and support to get you through things. Writing has become therapeutic to me after suffering multiple life setbacks. This my push that has helped be get to being only a few months away from finishing and am about to hit another delay.

I still feel uneasy that I am not going to finish, but I have learned to turn that into focus. When you need help, turn towards support. We are a social species after all. :slight_smile:


Afraid of never finishing?
Sad laugh Yes, I am… Constantly


I didn’t finish any major writing project until I was 30 years old. But the unfinished ones were all good practice for the ones I eventually did finish.

I’m very mindful that I could die at any time, having lost a number of close friends from their 20s onward… so I do my best to hold achievements lightly, and consciously try to enjoy the journey as much as the endpoints.


I struggle to even start writing anything because all that’s in my head is isolated ideas. Whether they’re characters, or scenes, or themes… they just exist with nothing connected. There’s no plotline. I can’t write anything coherent without a plot.


I didn’t finish any major writing project until I was 30 years old. But the unfinished ones were all good practice for the ones I eventually did finish.

I think this is a very healthy mindset to take, similar to my own even if my anxiety is still ever present. I dropped a few projects before coming to this one. Finding my love for IF actually destroyed my inspiration to play DnD (DnD began to feel like an unpredictable form of IF where I constantly was put on the spot and the ‘readers’ actively absconded taking any interest in the many hours I spent building up the world or side characters in favour of trolling, that is how it began to feel to me anyway).

I think the intimidating part for me is knowing a bunch of scenes in my head but finding the sinews to connect them is the part I always feel little interest in doing. That always feels like the most work, and I worry I might run out of steam. At the end of the day, all we can do is care for ourselves and continue to write, though. Constantly fretting about the possibility of burnout or the like will service no one, if it comes then it comes. Surely, in time, we can find our love again or learn to love something new more than ever.

Even if I never finish my current WIP, I have found a very powerful passion, and I don’t think that will ever really be ‘turned back off’ now that it yet lives. In the process of releasing my first WIP I also learned and incredible amount about my own writing and weaknesses, and about the program itself, taking notes means I will be able to retain a lot of this even if I go on a break and return at some point in the future.

I don’t know if this was helpful, but it is my thoughts at any rate.



This is the mindset I try to keep as well. Every day I work on my writing, and that is how I fight the fears, insecurities and imposter syndrome.


The craziest thing about life is indeed the uncertainty of it all. The more you think about it, the weaker your will to carry on, because anything really could happen at any moment and things do get in the way and serve as hazards and distractions.

I couldn’t say I’ve seen many things through, no, especially over the long term. I mean, I’m in the University (College) right now, but it certainly wasn’t my idea. Literally everything else I’ve done, I’ve quit. It’s kind of alarming, and it’s left me with a lot of underdeveloped skills, but it’s not happening randomly.

I’ve been a very anxious person myself even up to this point, realistic (pessimistic) thoughts have always been set to automatic in my mind, and one of the ones that recurs the most is the idea of safety and how very qustionable it is. This makes it hard to stay committed to anything.

I deal with it all, by just trying to focus on the not-so-negative, like what I’m good at (‘Planning’), what l like being around (Animals and Nature) and what I enjoy doing (Writing). It’s these things that add the all important light shade to life for me nowadays and with that I can push unsteadily forward.

I have a WIP I’m working on and I very much care about it so I intend to finish it. Thoughts of quiting come to me everyday, and I can’t stop seeing the things that I’m doing wrong and I don’t even have all the answers to them yet. When it’s eventually finished (hoping that day does come), there really is no telling if any one will genuinely enjoy it, there’s no certainty at all, that is except for my own sense of accomplishment, which I believe is good enough, at least for a start.

You’ve certainly been blessed with some clever thoughts that should be developed and put out there and you owe it to yourself to at least try to do just that. Begin however you want to, you decide the right way to do it because it’s your uniqueness at play here. Try your utmost best to get some gears rolling and don’t let your fears completely hold you down. That’s good enough in my book.