April 2023's Writer Support Thread

The article in the OP should help you. If you have not read it yet (So You Want a Pantheon For Your Game).

I have not yet, but I think you have a point. There may not be any pantheons in my game, but I am thinking of taking inspiration from some ancient Celtic (especially Scottish and maybe Welsh) mythology to help strengthen the narrative. I’ll take a read, thank you for the resource!

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I am hoping to get about 4k words a week done while I have this second job. Now that I am rearranging things in my WIP and cutting content I hope to focus on repairing what was lost in the shuffle. My goal is to have the core of one or two chapters finished by month’s end.



Complete chapter 6 and 7.


Thanks to @Eiwynn for continuing the Support Threads

@Havenstone good journey.

Reading: I started reading the Witcher saga, as someone who has never played the videogames or watched the Netflix series. I’m enjoying it so far.
I swear one day I’ll also continue A Mage Reborn.

Small update: I had my first royal emblem drawn. Many thanks to my mother who drew it (she attended the artistic high school).
I tried the best I could to not make any plagiarism, but a couple of my private readers still think that a golden lion on red background won’t work (because Harry Potter).

My plans for Patreon/anything else are still in “maybe” phase.

Goal for the month: feel better
Writing Goal: ???


Great recommendation on Emily Short’s blog!

I’m new to this thread, but I’m having some problems.

I’m really, really far behind on my contract. Time felt a little sludgy this winter; like, everything I had to do in my normal life took so much longer than it should, and there wasn’t any left over for writing.

I’m also doing a political intrigue chapter, like @Beth_M, which I’m finding much harder than my action-oriented chapters. The decision trees branch out and out, and I’m finding it really difficult to maintain a narrative structure to keep people reading. Has anyone else struggled with that?


It is good to see you active once more @leewardvessel.

I have found that the single most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with a never-ending scope of this nature is to limit it by concentrating on the perspective aspects of the narration.

Keeping the perspective of the narration in mind allows me to keep guardrails on the depth that is being told in these types of scenes.

Once the depth surpasses what the perspective should allow, that is when I know I went too far.


Furthermore, you must keep your eyes on the basic scope of the story. It’s very easy to deliver on the promise of having too many choices and mess up the narrative as a result.


Definitely. I’ve recently decided to rewrite a whole chunk because the way I structured it felt way too… sandboxy? Instead of a fairly straight narrative line with branches included, it was starting to look more like a fraying thread with a hundred little strings poking everywhere.


I am by no means an experienced writer, but here are my two cents:

Apply the rule of three!

So when I was re-writing a detective module (DMing is my pastime hobby. And I like using murder mysteries to mess with my players), there is a rule regarding clues. The DM should give at least three ways of obtaining a clue so players can feel they are exploring instead of being railroaded. But of course, this only applies to stories with one definite result (well, most of the murder stories - because there’s only one truth). You might need to change around a bit for intrigue-focused storylines, but keep the total number of branches small (2-3). Then you add ways to achieve these branches similar to how you add clues. At least that is what I am doing (but then again, I don’t always follow my own rules … XD).


Alright, character customisation is completely finished and chapter two is well underway! Looking forward to taking advantage of some time off work to smash the keys a bit. This is the best pastime.


Time to use this for my Life Energy, Weapon Energy and Relationship Energy capsules, I suppose! And stat thresholds will also vary depending on how many Mavericks defeated.


Hope you’ve all been having a brilliant April!

My writing goals for the month are to just… write. University has been a lot this year with a handed in dissertation, and three more assignments due. But, I’ve missed interactive fiction and writing about my characters, haha. They feel like a part of me, so as an ambitious goal, I’d love to finish chapter ten of Golden. As a less ambitious goal, then I’d love to get at least half or 3/4s of it written, so we’ll see.

Whatever happens, I’m excited for this month and I’m sending you all creative vibes.


I’m still looking for test subjects for my Master’s Thesis research, in case someone’s still willing to help. (It would really help. I don’t seem to find many.)


I fear my mic is busted, so I can’t help :frowning:


What is it about?

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The link has an explanation, but for short, I’m gathering data on user experience about a voice-interface IF.

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Thanks! How is your writing going?

Yeah, I probably should cut the scope down a bit. And also add some plot events to break up all the politicking.

@EnaMeena and @Beth_M

Yeah, that’s a good idea, thanks!


A sidenote… I have no idea how language ended up being so important in my story. I mean, it’s one thing having bilingual puns that work only if you know both of the languages (and I’m a firm believer of what’s the point in being multilingual if you can’t use it, and at some point I decided to just run with that), but

then there's this

“Who are you?”

The response to the question is a soft trill accompanied by a four-note harmony (and, to your sense of music, a poor one at that).

Vega, however, seems in awe. “That’s the old tongue,” they say, almost reverently.

The stranger clicks their tongue, screeches for a moment like an off-station radio, and then switches to English. “Don’t tell me you don’t understand it anymore.”

“Of course we do.” Vega sounds slightly offended. “Some of the elder ones still use it, you can hear it in the whalesong. We just can’t produce it anymore, not without a chorus. Our skulls have morphed too much.”


March was a very productive month for me, and April is the holidays, so most of my to-do list isn’t writing-related.

Other than delivering the last fixes to Turncoat Chronicle, my main creative tasks for April are brainstorming new ideas, outlining, and refining. Looking at my ideas file, I can see that my older ideas are messier and less coherent than the new ones. All the work that I did over the past five years paid off. The older ideas are “flash in the pan” type things, and they lack both substance and structure. I’ve gotten better at identifying what the core of the story is, and what’s just gloss and icing.


@Eiwynn thank you for the resources! Looking forward to checking them out this weekend :slight_smile:

My goal for April is just to keep writing - I find keeping my goals simple works well for me. I just released a sizeable chunk of chapter 7 for Leas, and I’m excited to wrap that chapter up soon with some cute date moments ~

Sending good vibes and good luck to everyone who’s writing! (myself included! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )