April 2023's Writer Support Thread

Still chugging on both my WIP and my current ongoing novel that is on another platform.

And yeah, before everyone asks, I did churn out some visual novels over the past few months. You can try them out at https://dagitabsoft.itch.io/. Every little bit helps to make more people notice my writing and drop a dollar or two, since all of my games I’ve written and released so far are free.


YES, YES, YES! CHAPTER 18 of Last Dream is online!

It features a new “ending,” the “loop mechanics,” and many goodies!

Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Happy easter, everyone. Eat Easter eggs and write!

Come to visit me in Italy, and let’s celebrate together!


Happy April everyone! And on behalf of April babies everywhere, thank you for the birthday wishes!

So, after emerging from my too-long writing hibernation some time last month (moving house 3 times in as many months really takes up some energy) and getting the plan started for my WIP I’m feeling pretty great about things!
My goal this month is to keep on swimming and get some solid progress under my belt. Between other writing projects and work, I’ve got a lot going on so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to have it demo-ready this month, but I am aiming for a few things:

  • Finish planning out the prologue and hopefully chapter 1 in flowchart form
  • Start writing up the prologue and getting some actual words on paper (or, well, screen)

Good luck to everyone with your goals this month!


Ok, I have a quick question for everyone:

The MC for my WIP is 17 (turning 18 at the end of book one). Now that the story is more explicit, would you be uncomfortable with the character being this age? I thought of having the kingdoms age of majority being 18 would make the most sense, but I can very easily make it 21 (so the MC would start as 20). What do you guys think?


If there is explicit material in the first book, making the MC 19 starting out and with the age of majority be age 18 would be the most flexible, I think.

With that said, if there is nothing explicit in the first book, I do not see why 17 for the MC and 18 for the age of majority would not work.


I think it would depend on the age of the RO’s. If the RO’s are a certain age, then make the MC around the same age so that you don’t make anyone uncomfortable with an age gap.

Then again, I would advise you not to change the age of the MC for the sole purpose of writing hanky panky.


Howdy y’all! My goal for this April is to start writing!

I’ve spent the past few weeks making a solid general outline from start to finish, which is the most I’ve ever done for a choicescript project. Might do a little more outlining here and there, but I feel confident enough to begin coding something out.

Optimistically I’ll have completed the prologue and/or chapter one by the end of the month, but I’m further than I’ve ever been before, so I’ll be happy with whatever else I’ll create! :blush: :crossed_fingers:


I’m fine with either option. Depends on what the PC does, of course. And the social context of the story. How conservative is the society in that story?

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That’s exciting! What is your project about?


I don’t want to say too much, but the premise is a sci-fi adventure featuring daring space miners, marauding pirates, corporate intrigue, and Shakespearean robots set in the orbit of Uranus, the ass-end of the solar system.


Whew. I spent yesterday and today chugging out a chapter that is 4,000 words long, and the two branches of the chapter are equally half of that amount.

Of course, simply copying and pasting the text to pad the word length is not the thing to do if you want an engaging IF game.


This month (so far) and last month (all of it) has been a state of chaos.

I spent most of last month ill. Didn’t really get anything done. If I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t doing much of anything but lying in bed feeling like the act of getting out of bed a nightmare-level task. Last month was one of my bad months.

This month, however, for the week that’s been here, is worse.

On my birthday (the 5th), I got a message from my boss that the company that is contracting us to clean their facilities decided to move to in-home cleaning. Friday was my last day. So, found out on the 5th that I’d be out of a job on the 8th.

Given I live in a really small town, I’ll have to get a job in the town next to mine. When I don’t own a car because the one I did have broke down and was sold for cash so I could pay bills right after my mom died from cancer.

So, tomorrow, the job hunt will begin. This weekend has been used to recoup and destress a bit.

As for the writing end of things?

I was working on a project, but it’s moving to the back-burners. It was meant to be a small story and it ballooned past my ability to work with (at the moment). So, for the time being, I’m shifting gears to a small story – one that gives a bit of love to the old CYOA stories I read as a kid. Short and quick, but with branching and plenty of choices.

Figure that I’ll write something below 50k and have it as a finished product. If I can do that, I can see about moving to a more elaborate story afterward. For now, though, all I want to do is write a story and finish the ruddy thing without going insane!

Is that too much to ask for?


Sorry that you’re going through that. I hope things improve for you soon!


Thanks, JBento.

Things might be stressful now, but the dawn will come (might have been playing a bit of DA:I not that long ago). It all just happened on a day that was meant to be one of celebration. Not…that.

I know for sure I’ll be diving deep into the writing-side of things between applications and waiting for an interview. Storytelling and daydreaming have always been my way of having fun, and venting stress, so that’s what I’ll do.

I’ll write for my enjoyment. Best that way, I think.

I hope things are going well on your end. On everyone’s end, as much as humanly possible!


And I’ve done it.

I sat down for the first writing session since I set that goal and finally reached the end of the chapter along one route. :partying_face:

There’s 17 TODO flags in my text that are mostly around alternate approaches to the little conflict in the chapter, and a few dialogue branches that need to filled out. Once those are written then I’ve got two editing passes (one to tidy up descriptions etc. and one to tidy up the code), and then I’ll be able to move more cards over on my trello board. :smiley:

The Trello board in question

There’s definitely something strangely triumphant about hitting a goal, even if it it’s not that outwardly impressive. I don’t know about anyone else, but it really hypes me up to keep going.


I presume the answer is a resounding “all of them” or close to it, but I was wondering how many authors are also CoG gamers, and what are your faves/look-forwards this year.

We already got a bunch of high-ranking stuff so far with Royal Affairs, Fernweh 1, Lords of Infinity, and very recently the unavoidable Wayhaven B3 (still not making referencing it a drinking game), which honestly still has me in a bit of a Morgan daze :smile: , and probably more which I can’t tell because I’m functionally incapable of distinguishing “2 months ago” from “2 years ago”, but I’m still looking forward to Lies Under Ice, whose premise I really like, and apparently Undying Fortress, which I’m not sure about the premise but it’s from the author of the absolutely stellar-atmospheric The Fog Knows Your Name, so I’m not letting it pass unchecked (see discussion elsewhere about the impact and importance of having the author’s name in prominent display), and possibly more whose release date I’m unaware of.

What are YOUR CoGs qualified as “woof, this one was a RIDE” and “ugh, why isn’t this thing OUT already” of 2023? (no fair nominating your own games, so no, Hannah, you can’t second Royal Affairs :stuck_out_tongue: )


Wish I had a good response in this banner year – but while I’ve bought a bunch of games I’m excited to read, I’m postponing actually reading them until I’ve got more time. :slight_smile:


Undying Fortress is one I’m really looking forward to for sure! I’m really excited for The Ghost and the Golem, having enjoyed reading through Dream Apart by the author (though haven’t played it yet, alas). And Lies Under Ice is one I’ve looked forward to since Joey told me about it a while back. Hexfinder will be great too - Mask of the Plague Doctor was fantastic. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the rest too! I’m very much looking forward to Blood Moon, as I’m a big queer werewolf afficionado.

I have Stars Arisen and New Witch In Town hanging around waiting for when I have a bit more brain to fully enjoy them, I really like what I’ve played of them so far :heart:


The next CSG that has me hoping for a sooner release is I, the Forgotten One.


Oh, that’s slated for this year? Sweet.