Apocalypse Chronicles [WIP] - 127k words. Updated 09/26/23

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I plan to give every profession some unique impact on the story. Especially in the prologue this will be seen, as each profession will get at least one unique activity. But even as the story progresses, each profession will have unique benefits and choices.

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That has potential and strongly reminded me of the zombie exodus series that’s why I expect high quality XD sorry

Okay first you seem to know about the loop secondly I see great potential so Pls don’t let it drop and 3rdly these Damm looters belated me up quiet good maybe you should have the option for a difficulty level lesser difficulty means more points at the start for example


I am certainly a bit influenced by the excellent Zombie Exodus Series. So I hope I can satisfy your high hopes :wink:
But don’t worry, I have high quality standards to myself, so I won’t rush this thing out or let it drop.
Good idea with the difficulty level, I might think about it. The amount of skill points for the customizable characters and the pre-definded skills for other characters are definitely not set in stone yet. Balancing them is one of the harder parts of coding this game. I will need quite some testing to get them right.

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A link to an anonymous feedback survey has now been added to the first post. If you’d like to help me, I’d be very grateful if you could answer these questions.

The next update is here, and it is an important one.

Changelog (03-30-2023)

  • Added a time system to the game. Every activity in the prologue takes a certain amount of time now. This is important, because certain activities will only activate after a specific amount of time or won’t be available anymore.
  • Added new content (Over 12.000 words) for the soldier profession and one new activity for all professions. The new activity that all professions can do is also the first one that let’s you play a character that wants to go down a darker path
  • There is a choice available now that let’s you skip straight to the new soldier content (This is only for the time being, because later when I’m having more activities done, this soldier mission will activate automatically when the time is 1700 or later)
  • The new soldier mission is also the first one, that shows how I will handle the transition from the prologue to chapter 1. Note however, that some consequences from the prologue that would normally show in this scene are not coded yet and that the transition scene itself isn’t finished either

I hope you have fun. And please share your thoughts with me, either directly in this thread or via the Anonymous Feedback Survey.


This looks like a variant of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. I am looking forward to it

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I’m glad you like it. It is certainly influenced by ZE:SH, especially the skill system, but I’m not trying to create a clone. It will be a different game, especially once the prologue is over.

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so is that a glitch that after i do all things nothing happens? because i talked to everyone as a scientist and did all tasks then i kept putting my civillian attire again and again to move time but nothing happend?

Hi, it’s not a glitch. This is just due to the fact, that beyond that point there is no content currently. So this loop occurs, as I’ve explained in the first post. Try the soldier path, this one has the most content currently.

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A big new update is here.

Changelog (04-07-2023)

  • Added another scene to the supermarket activity, giving the player more control over the moral path his character should go down
  • Added the option to physically intervene in the supermarket fight, should persuasion fail
  • Depending on the time of day you visit the supermarket, you will now have less or more time to search for supplies
  • Added the foundation for a character relationship system
  • Changed the health system. The character can have a maximum of 100 health points. Injuries and Illnesses now subtract health points (modified by the attribute Toughness, so that is quite important now). When the health points drop to 0 the character dies.
  • Added the option to treat wounds
  • Added more ways to shape the personality of your character. Note, that I’m planning to add quite a lot more of these, so sometimes the personality of your character can still feel quite preset
  • Added an option for the soldier to disobey his superior and don’t go on the assigned mission
  • Changed the name of the variable Honor to be called Morality
  • Removed the variable Humanity (is covered by Mental Health)
  • Added the explosion of the nuke scene to the soldier path. Note, that this scene is still in a draft version and not finished (details, dialogue etc.)

Please consider, that a lot of the new content is still not completely finished, so please bear that in mind if you want to comment on that stuff.

As always, have fun and please report any errors or strange things. Please make sure to answer the Anonymous Feedback Survey if you haven’t done so already (And thanks to those who have already).


Is the game supposed to be struck changing gear after u do everything or is this the end for now. Also when I played the soldier role I prepared the house the best I could but it said I didn’t which doesn’t make sense

Hi Christopher, thanks for your feedback.
All professions except the soldier are for now stuck in a loop after they have done all activities. This is due to the fact, that they have no content after that. The soldier can play all the way to the end of the prologue, which will trigger once you reach 17:00 pm or later, or when you skip directly to that part (which is only enabled for now, so you don’t have to wait until then). The other thing you mentioned sounds like a bug. I will investigate that.

Could you send a screenshot of the scene you are referring to? Because so far I haven’t found anything that seems to be a bug.

A quick reminder, if you haven’t done so already, to take 5 Minutes to answer the few questions in the Anonymous Survey linked in the first post. Your feedback is very important to me and I appreciate each and everyone participating.

The next update is also in the works, and will add new content for the Farmer profession among other stuff.

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I’m thinking about how impactful the morality stat should be. I certainly want it to have an impact on the story, the question is how big that impact should be. Currently, I’m inclined to give the player’s an option during the Character creation, to determine how moral they’ve lived their life so far. That would lower or raise the initial morality stat accordingly. The morality stat would then be used to determine, if certain choices or dialogue options would be locked or unlocked for a player. I’m thinking about using this system, to enforce a certain degree of realism. I mean, it’s very unlikely for a person, who has lived it’s whole life so far very peaceful and moral, to suddenly become an ice-cold killer. Such a person would certainly be capable of defending itself in an extreme situation, even with deadly force, but I don’t think such a character should have the option to kill a completely innocent person for other reasons. What do you think about this? Please give a vote in the poll. Of course, you can also comment on this topic if you like to.

Should the morality stat affect, if certain choices are locked/unlocked?

  • Yes
  • No

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It seems that a large majority of people are in favor of the morality system influencing whether certain options are locked or not (75% of 36 votes). So this will now be incorporated little by little by me.


We should be able to steal the family’s minivan at the grocery store.


Absolutely loving this so far! Looking forward to seeing the story unfold. I love detailed character creation, so you already have me hooked. I know it wouldn’t be a priority atm but can I recommend a cheat mode, possibly for second playthroughs? That’s always a bonus for me. :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea, I will think about it.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! Good idea with the Cheat mode. But as you say, this would become a priority much later. May I ask, what you would want to see with such a mode?

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