Anything better than ChoiceScript for a productivity tool/program?


So, I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or to Off-Topic (if I don’t get a response here after a few days I may crosspost to Off Topic, if that’s okay). Anyway, I don’t know anything about programming and code, however, Choicescript was something I ran into somehow while researching programs I could potentially use for some kind of choice-based system program. And CS couldn’t be easier to get into and use.

Now, the primary use of this is, obviously, for games. But because of the dynamics of the code, obviously you can more than just some work of fiction with this. I initially looked for something like this so I could put together some kind of comprehensive productivity system for my life.
Do any of you think ChoiceScript ultimately can achieve use for something like this? If not, for all the programmers out there, do you know of a better way for me to go about putting something together like that? (Productivity websites/software/apps are close but no cigar to meeting my needs–this includes, Toodledo, HabitRPG, Omnitool, etc.)

Obviously the details would need to be hashed out, but just to give a gist of what I’m looking for, I speculate that I could organize using CS to do the following:
~~Have a folder full of separate CS “games,” and distinguish them by “dates.” So, each day is (likely) a different script entirely, E.G. today in my web/mygame/scenes I have the collection of .txt documents to track my productivity for 2/24/2015, and all the tasks I have to do today, while tomorrow I will replace all the .txt documents for my 2/25/2015 setup that I created to be ready to use then.
~~Have an evolving Stats page that carries over gain/loss from previous /scenes/ sets. E.G., go three days drinking less than 3 cups of water will earn me a Dehydration status somehow on my stats page by the third day,

I could go on, but I merely wanted to convey my gist so I could end with my reasoning for attempting to use CS for this. Basically, I want my productivity mixed in with game/productivity/achievement mechanics. And stuff like HabitRPG has a lot of what I’m looking for, just not quite everything. Whereas with CS, I may be able to implement everything I’m looking for (even if it takes time and effort).

But finally, I’m hopefully looking for someone knowledgeable enough to tell me something along the lines of, “Dude, if you’re wanting to comprehensively set up a productivity program, you’ll just stress yourself out trying to make it work with CS (whether or not it’s possible to do everything you want). If you’re able to catch on to using the code for CS, try to learn just the basics of [insert basic coding language here], get on [insert programming software here], and try [blah blah blah].”


I think that’s right. ChoiceScript is implemented entirely in JavaScript; I’d start there.


I was afraid that may actually be the best solution. I was pretty excited wondering about the possibilities of what I want being that much easier by using ChoiceScript, but, alas, it’ll probably be for the best that I actually get on the foundation of where CS comes from and just work from there.

So, Javascript is the likely recommendation for achieving what I’m aiming for? Would you recommend something like to introduce myself to it? I’m just unsure of where to get started and which direction to go into to make sure I can pull off something to the extent of what I want.

Thanks for the response, though.