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Can I host my CoG games on Itunes, Googleplay, Chrome store etc, if my game was wriiten on russian and I wish to distribute this game for free?

Pls, developers of CoG - maybe time to start distibute games on another language has come this day? If you don’t want to do anything about russian games - exists many another languages and nations, which will be feel more comfortable to read games on native language!

After 1 year or after 10 years - one day it will be happen!


The problem isn’t that COG wouldn’t want to publish games in different languages, the problem is that they can’t check whether the content is appropriate or not.

Also, only the games directly created by/with the help of the COG team are called COG games. The games created by fans hosted by COG are called hosted games.


Maybe they just need to recruit new employees or volunteers for this task?


Email Choice of Games about the possibility of giving your own games away for free, in Russian. I know that if you sell the game you need to give them a percentage of the profits.

If you do decide to pursue this path, then I’d wait to see how well your games did before trying to branch out further and pursuing distributing/translating other games.

If you’re giving the games away though, where’s the money coming from? What’s the incentive for authors to do this? Or for someone to translate those games?


Incentive if game is free - make some reputation with first small project.

Btw in this moment I wish only one thing - be sure that if I will publish my game anywhere in Net (on russian language and for free), CoG will allow this.

And I too will happy if this problem will move forward and CoG will do something about games on another languages and their creators.


How much money is reputation worth? :slight_smile: Can I eat reputation?

I would say contact Choice of Games. Ask them about giving your own game away. They’re the only ones that can answer this and you’ll need to open up a dialogue with them anyway. If your game gets a lot of downloads and reviews would you then be looking into selling your next one?

Prove that selling choicescript games in languages other than English is profitable. If you think there’s a gap in the market for choice games written in Russian why not work on exploiting that gap yourself?


Tnx to remind me that in this site there is a way to contact CoG directly.

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