A choice of games in another language?


I was wondering if it’d be a possibility to actually create a ‘choice of games’ in another language than english. It doesn’t mean I would be writing one though…

Thanks a lot!

*I hope I didn’t get wrong by picking the ‘game development’ category. :confused:


You could definitely write one in another language, but the coding would still have to be in english. Plus, you’d have to get it translated for CoG to publish it.


So I’d have to make two versions then… Thanks anyway it’s good to know. :slight_smile:


No problem!


Actually, your coding would not have to be wholly English (just the commands, but that just becomes remembering like 5 to 20 different one or two word commands that could be copy/pasted). I believe that variable names may have to be limited to the Roman Alphabet, but other than that I can’t think of any reason for coding in English. Actual creation should work (relatively) fine.

As for getting it published, that’s a question for @jasonstevanhill, or one of the others actually working for CoG. Two barriers I can imagine off the top of my head:

  1. Content checking. IIRC it was mentioned that while they don’t do in depth checking for the Hosted Games, they do do some checking, to make sure it’s not plagiarized or not ridiculous levels of offensive. Not sure how they would progress with that.

  2. Publishing the game itself. I have no idea what considerations would go into actually publishing the game onto specific platforms in a different language.


For a HG, it’s fine. As far as I know, anyway.


I just meant like “*goto” and “*selectable_if”. The variables could definitely be in a foreign language


Would the accents ‘é, à, è’ and others appear in the game?


Yes, although you have to sure your encoding is right for them (it generally should be, but sometimes people’s computers default to things that don’t work with it. I don’t believe they work in variable names though) and you also need to make certain that you’re tying them directly into your text editor. Using Microsoft Word to write your code will mess those up.


Ok, I’ll check it up later. Thanks!


if you include this line in the part of index.htm, you can use and display all characters required by EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) and most other European-based languages:

There is a different charset for localization covering Cyrillic and Asian languages.