An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Hi there! Just a heads up, I won’t be uploading next week (I update the game every 2 weeks). Sorry! I’m in the middle of moving. I’m still working on the game, but won’t be able to post a significant update for at least 2-3 weeks. Thank you for your patience :sweat_smile: !


Hello! I’m sorry the upload took long! I’m settled in now. Please look forward to a new update every 2 weeks :smile:

The update is at the start of the game. I wanted to rewrite the earlier chapters since 1) I’m better at coding now than when I started 2) Since I know where the story’s, it’s easier to add details.

I still want to move the story forward so the next update will be for the latest part of the story.

Thank you for playing!


Yay! I really liked this game, you did a good job with the setting and the characters, glad to know you’re still working on it ~


hey, it’s probably an issue with dropbox’s changes, but tried to access the yp using the link in post 1 and didn’t work. :confused:


@Inessy: Thank you! Glad you like it :blush:

@CreepyPastaKitty: Yes, thank you for pointing that out. I must’ve been ignoring my emails from Dropbox because I didn’t know about that. Hopefully, I’ll have a replacement soon. I read some people have had success with Google Drive

Hello! My apologies, the update will be late. With the Dropbox change, I’m not sure how I will host the game. Hoping to have it resolved soon. Thank you for your patience!

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Thank you @Lordirish! Just uploaded my game to Dashingdon.

Hello! With the Dropbox change, the game is now on Dashingdon:

The latest upload is for when you choose to take the shuttle. As always, thank you for your patience!

(If there’s bugs, please let me know. I just saw players can’t view stats)


Billy doesn’t like my name :frowning:


Ran into the same error as @deusvult so couldn’t progress past that part. I’m late to this, but really like what is there so far!

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I also I have error when its says “non-existence variable hero_name”


@deusvult @Ashling @Jeffrey_Foster: Thanks for the heads up! Just fixed it.

Hello! I didn’t realize that since I only uploaded my scenes folder (.txt files), the file path mapped out in the mygame js file no longer applies. Therefore, players won’t be able to play beyond the first 2 scenes. Hoping to finish remapping by tonight. Thank you again for your patience during this transition.


Hi there! Players can now view their stats properly. Also, I finished remapping the chapters, so the entire WIP should be available. Thank you guys for playing :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s been asked previously but are you going to add a male option for the game? I’d be pretty interested in it because it seems like it would be a very different playthrough considering Jillian…

Tyler is bae

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@deusvult It wouldn’t be too shocking if relations stayed the same with Jillian for some reason or the other even as a male, but I’m still definitely looking forward to potential dynamics.

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I guess I’d be disappointed if Jillian treats you the same as Tyler says she’s used to being the only woman in the office. Straight guys (idc) will also get the short end of the stick, they can only date the creepy boss or a jealous girl.

I wanna romance Alex. Do you have another snazzy quote on that?


Is there any choice(or future choice)to make mc own company?


Even though the relationship with Billy is 110% relatively early in the game, the most you can do is hug him?


@deusvult @Vox : Yes, for now, the mc will be a woman. @Vox is right, my initial plan was to allow for a male mc later but keep most of the interactions the same, similar to Choice of Romance. What kind of dynamics are you looking forward to with a male mc?

@deusvult: Now that you’ve pointed out that the only female options are a creepy boss or a jealous girl, I’m at an impasse :sweat_smile: Considering adding another romantic female character. Sorry but Alex is a side character so he won’t be an option.

@SabrinadizaLS: SPOILER ALERT: At this point of the game, no, but I’m considering having the mc run his/her own company at a future installment of the game.

@Uniqueth: Does that mean you wanna do more than hug :flushed:? If you don’t mind pointing out which scene, I’ll look into the stats and the scene events.

Hello! Short update available! I rewrote the job interview scene with Anne at the start of the game. Thanks for playing and commenting!

Can you please answer my poll question? I’m wondering if I have enough material for all romantic options to be somewhat attractive.

Who is your favorite love interest?

  • Anne
  • Billy
  • Tyler
  • Jillian
  • Mark

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I can’t believe you’re making me choose but to be honest so far I’m enjoying Billy, Tyler, and Mark a lot although my fave out of the three is Billy

Also I second what @Uniqueth says. I expected to at least full on makeout kiss when we went to look for him.


glad mark is in the lead :stuck_out_tongue: . My mc only goes for him, billy is a friend so no, tyler is with jillian, anne is your boss, but guess those would appeal to other playing styles.