Advice on POV switches

I used to love the colour change mod (RIP) for this. Different POV? No probs, the background color will tell you who you’re reading about :smile:


Ugh that would be perfect. Wish it would be implemented.


Me too dude.

No. Dear gods no. If you want to write a book do that. There is nothing more i hate then pov changes in interactive fiction games that have me create a character and get immersed in the choices. First it forces me away from the story i care about. And then it also gives me perfect information about the characters and events in questions making future decisions involving them with my MC just feel pointless. “oh no should i trust this character? Well i already know their inner most thoughts and actions from that pov swap 5 chapters ago.” Ugh. NO! pov changes ruins the entire point of it all. You want me to know things? Tell me! or give me the option to make a choice to learn these things. DO NOT force it down my throat together with spoiler filled pov change from a character i dont care about that takes me away from the story i was getting invested in. SO many times i have gotten invested the game is just past its initial start and i am super exited to press the next button to see what choices and events await me to just find a pov change and all my interest and excitement instantly dies being replaced with frustration and disinterest as i now know i have to suffer through not just this first pov change but all the others that are coming.

POV shifts in IF aren’t inherently bad. It’s just the execution matters significantly, clearly whatever you read it was done poorly, sorry , I don’t make the rules :person_shrugging:


Yeah I don’t understand why PoV switches would inherently and exclusively be for novels. We get them in games all the time.


I think most…? CS would allow you to see the POV if you wanted to but if not, you had a choice.


Would you like to see ${RO2}'s POV during the boxing match?
    #Yes, I would like to see the POV.
     *goto RO2POV        
    #No, Continue with the story.
     *goto matchend
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To ‘POV shift skeptics’ (lol) - would it make any difference if they were playable?

Ayup. That’s more work - but in the end few people like pages of un-interactive text in IFs.

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Do you mean sections from a different character’s perspective where the player could make choices which branch the scenes/show different responses?

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In my opinion, you should be very careful with that. If you use them right, it’s a great tool, but you can easily ruin tension and flow of the story. Also be very mindful of what info you give to the reader!

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Huh, I think I’d actually feel weirder about a different-PoV scene with choices than one without because if I’m immersed in playing as one character, I’d feel like “why do I, MC, get to pick what this other person is doing?”

Would not apply if the story’s based around frequent PoV switching or if the choices are based around the MC’s reaction to being told this scene.
And, granted, I haven’t read something that did this, so it’s possible my reaction could be different in practice.


As a mild “POV shift sceptic” (heh) I think I feel similarly, unless it was an added separate supplement to the game or specifically multiple protagonists.


In many games, we as the player make plenty of choices that the main character does not have any power over. The name and appearance they were born with, the circumstances they were born into, their gender, sexuality, the genders of other characters in the story, whether they have one set of natural talents or another, how their magic/superpowers manifest.

I enjoy getting immersed in a character as much as anyone, but I don’t find it strange to be making choices that the main character has no realistic input on, nor operating with information they’re not privy to.


I generally loathe POV switching in any written media, either regular novels or interactive fiction. If they are going to be done I think they should only be a few pages long and used to show the POV of someone else of a scene the MC has already been a part of. I like the way College Tennis - Origin Story did their POV switches. Short, reimagining of scenes the ROs had with the MC and always completely optional.