Acceptable? Too delicate? Not allowed?

I wonder what is acceptable within a CoG hosted story.

Mostly because I’m writing a story that involves rather young children that go through less than ideal circumstances. Image if your bloodborne character was a kid and well… was as strong as you’d expect a kid. A bloody and painful affair.

Just something I’m writing about since I’ve always been told to write about what I know. And being someone who survived years of child abuse subjects near it are very familiar to myself.

Also wondering how delicate Nazi stuff is. Since the setting is post WW2 after Germany had its way with Europe by winning. Though I’d imagine not seeing how we have a game featuring what is the Soviet union, which to me and my family is worse than the Nazis due to (barely) surviving that regime. Honestly both are equally disgusting and atrocious. So I’m assuming having the Nazi Regime is perfectly fine.

Mostly because if comrade or tsar is fine then even Nazi or Kaiser would be fine. And my story is one where they are the antagonists so there’s that.

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Well the story Doomsday on Demand deals with a child surviving through the apocalypse. It gets pretty brutal in some scenes. I think as long as you avoid senseless brutality and graphic violence for the sake of graphic violence you should be fine. The Nazi thing is a bit more difficult I believe. I know some European nations have laws against the swastika and other nazi imagery being shown in media but I don’t know of that translates to text based games. If it doesn’t I’d just avoid putting a swastika on the cover. And I get what you mean about the Soviets being worse. I’m from Russia myself and hearing what my family went through under the Soviets is horrible.

So I’d just try to avoid senseless brutality and excessively graphic scenes. Otherwise it should be fine I think.


Yeah it seems like it’s more acceptable to be communist in the West than Fascist. Which I guess is because the West suffered Nazis and the Slavic nations suffered Soviets, so largely ignored.

I do know that Nazi imagery is banned in Germany, which is a bit silly, alongside any mention of them I believe? I suppose I could replace it with the German flag and just call them Germans or something along the lines. Then again “The Reich” is also not a bad way to classify the nation? Or is that too close?

Still it is difficult to guess what is exactly too much on that front.

There won’t really be any violence for the sake of violence or brutality, though the story is focused on overcoming brutality. Surviving it and coming out stronger yet at the same time damaged in your own way. I always wanted to write about my traumatic experience so I feel like I could inject a good amount of detail into how the character would react and overcome said situations.

My idea is to create a fairly dark and hopeless world though so there’s no point in putting too much violence etc.

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I do believe you can mention them since games like Wolfenstein were released in Germany. They just had to replace the swastika with the iron cross I believe. You could always make a story where the German Empire wins WW1 if you want to avoid potential legality issues with it.

The Reich is a good name for it I think.

This sounds fine to me. You might want to add a warning at the beginning that there will be violence or something just to cover your bases but your idea sounds very interesting.

This was always very ridiculous in my opinion. How anyone could live in America with all its comforts and freedoms but want to live under communism baffles me.

Unfortunately us Slavs got both Nazis and Soviets. Fun times the 40’s.

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Probably a case of “The grass is always greener on the other side” except they’re colour blind and our grass is red with blood.

EDIT: Originally edited this out to make a new post but since you replied to it I’ll put this back.

Around 11 million dead soldiers and around 13 million dead civilians thanks to the Nazis. With the Soviet government acting like it doesn’t want to be outdone by the Germans in anything. Fun times indeed… My family even spoke how they had nowhere to go since there were Germans on one side and soviets on the other. Can certainly envy Europe seeing how they didn’t have to fear their own government being just as bad if not worse than the enemy.

Really says a lot about Soviet Russia when some older Russians I know have good things to say about Hitler like “He actually cared about his country”.


I couldn’t have said it better myself.

My grandfather was actually part of the Russian Liberation Army in WW2. They were the Russian soldiers who fought for the Germans. He was a Hiwi (volunteer) in the Wehrmacht before that. I asked him why he fought for the Nazis and he said, “They were better than the Soviets.”

Talk about going a bit off topic in regards to my original question, though it does seem within the scope of the whole thing. I guess I had a bit of a rant in me about the whole Nazi/Soviet thing.

Thanks for answering my questions! Though if anyone knows more stuff when it comes to text based mentions of Nazi related stuff that’d be great. Since its mostly an Alt-Future scenario.

I can’t say I am too surprised given what the Soviets did. Using the excuse of people not being on their side to be monsters that shouldn’t even be classified as humans.

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Yeah it’s my fault too. I got a bit carried away. I’m glad I could help out somewhat.

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As a German, personally, I’m glad it is.

Regarding your question: I would consider adding a list of warnings at the start of your game because, depending on how you intend to deal with the child abuse aspect, some of it could be highly triggering.


Yeah warnings would make a lot of sense, something I’ll make sure to note down. While I’m personally not triggered by such subjects due to growing numb to the whole thing I’d imagine others who were more lucky wouldn’t want such memories to… come up again… Will, for sure, have it in big bold text as the first thing that is written. Probably with a warning sign image or something to catch peoples attention in case they just skim over it.

I wish Soviet imagery was banned but for some reason it’s not. It’s even glorified by some, imagine if Nazi imagery was glorified by Germany. It’s pretty sad. So I do get why you’d be glad it is banned. Though I do feel like it infringes on free speech. But at least Germany is taking steps in the right direction with it.

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You normally are allowed to use Nazis as part of the story and to call them what they are us fine too, but you probably won’t be allowed to use a swastika as logo for the play store or similar. Imagery is really literally imagery of symbols mostly (and even there are exceptions if it’s a work of art or is educational). Pro-Nazi stuff is something that would probably get banned. (and I also highely doubt that something like that would get published by HG or CoG either.)

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The world is a much bigger focus than the Nazis, so there’s no real reason to have nazi related stuff as the logo so no worries there. Especially since it would give the wrong impression of the story like them being a major focus which, while they are an antagonist and primary focus at the start, they aren’t for the rest of it.

The world has things much worse than them.

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