Time Manipulation Person
The Person Who Could Stop Time
Time Stoppers
Pausers of Clocks

(Those suggestions are intentionally terrible. Don’t have any constructive title ideas, sorry.)

Honestly I think the current title is pretty good, but I do agree that it doesn’t really “pop”.

Some of Packet’s & FairyGodFeather’s ideas aren’t bad though IMO, esp. About Time & Out of Time.

How about
A good time to stop

@Hell_Satan There’s already a choice game called Killing Time. It’s listed on the Upcoming Releases. (I think that’s also another concern with renaming A Wise Use of Time since we don’t want the two games to get confused with each-other or be assumed to be part of the same series).

There are more shared words in that (shared being both kill/killing and Time/Time) than in the original. Maybe something without the word Kill/ Killing and Time would help. Like ‘The Frozen Clock’ or ‘The Time-Masters Wish.’

Yes, they’re both terrible, but they’re also less likely to be confused with Killing Time.

More names MOAR
Changing times
Clocked out
Stop the watch
Bad timing
It’s all in the timing
Freeze framed
A Timeless Tale
Tick Tock I broke the clock

@faewkless I kinda like “Tick Tock I Broke the Clock.”

Not enough to use it, but I like where you’re head’s at.

Crashed game. Accidentally reported bug three or four times, unless they don’t count if you don’t add your email? I didn’t realize we had one line to type in everything relevant, so I submitted one sentence repeatedly by trying to add in breaks.

I very recently experienced some major life events that have interfered with pretty much everything, beta testing included, so I apologise for only sending that one short email. I will make up for it this coming week with proper feedback.

I’m sorry, I’m quite new at beta-testing, so could someone please be kind enough to inform me whether I need to send an email of bug reports if I already use the bug report function?

@fairlyfairfighter To the limits of my knowledge. Your reviews go through email. If you have a list of bugs…hit the bug button, don’t forget to include your name, and then attach the bugs you found. To simplify, if you sent the bug reports you don’t need to also repeat it in the mail.

Thanks, I will try to remember that.

Pls let pls let me beta test!!!

If you still need beta testers, just lemme know!

@River Please read the first post for the instructions on how to apply to be a beta-tester. Everything is explained there.

Whatever device your using right now will suffice…

Go to your email.

Type in Jason’s email.
Type in Beta Test: A wise use of time (goes in subject)
Type in your name (Top of text/forum name)

Any other information and details including if beta testing has ended or the likes refer to the original post at the very top.

Well then I recommend getting a friends phone or laptop or computer, or a school device or the likes, though you’ll need it for a sufficient amount of time and a comfortable environment. It’s quite the playthrough.

Yeah I think I spent almost 4 hours on a single playthrough between reading the text carefully for typos and typing out pretty extensive notes.

Pull up a comfy chair!

Yeah. And what’s worse, after several hours of beta testing, you’ll discover that you’re nothing more than…

…a CoG in the machine.


Really? Plays on words? You’re beta than that.


I am legitimately afraid this will become another front of pun civil war. Please desist hostilities.

This is very personal to me, as my entire family was killed by rogue puns.