A Text RPG Where You Can Create Your Own Medieval Fantasy Novel

I guess insulted was the wrong word. More like patronized?

Either way. Maybe I was just reading this thread with the wrong tone in mind. I will now return to hiding in my corner.


Just as an update. I have completed the War Gaming Text Battle Map for ROK II. This makes the last significant function to this Text RPG but not to the overall development. You can see the position of other Players and the Enemy. You can command multiple generals and their soldiers all via your browser with details on each of their units: https://www.rulerofkings.com or you can see the increased amount of features I have added since this topic started: https://www.rulerofkings.com/browser-game-features.html

Also, from reviewing the above I think there were some misunderstandings about what ROK II does. It is NOT like CoG where you create your own adventure from scratch, so I am not offering a replacement to CoG or anything like that. If you want to create your own adventure then CoG is one of the BEST for that. What I am doing is sharing how I created a story that allows multiple people to be part of it and alter it at the same time. The mention of creating your own novel is based on editing your character within an existing story. Hope that clarifies.

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