A Long Weekend (Drama, Romance, Slice-of-Life) [PUBLISHED]

I haven’t got the chance to play it (and I won’t have it for the undetermined amount of time, as with any CoG or any other game), but congrats on releasing the game!


Um, is the stats screen meant to disappear completely after you buy the game (because that’s what has happened to me)? There was one there when I played the demo, but now it’s completely gone in the full version.

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Is it possible to romance Emily?

Agree. Violence is the answer I need for this piece of ….

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Your roommate who is on a vacation when the game starts

It is not

@Daleko Man…I love this more and more every time i play…heartbreaking in the best way :heart: so relatable. I am a fan for liiiife. Congrats :clap:


Thank you, @Jender!
Thanks to everyone else as well—I’m glad you all are enjoying it :slight_smile:


Just finished the game, it’s quite enjoyable and engaging. I’m intrigued by the mechanics, I initially thought I was picking all the “positive” choices, but I didn’t get the “best” ending. There is certainly more depth to it than meets the eye, I will replay it a few times to see if I can figure it out.

Congratulations on proving that short games can also be successful!