A Long Weekend (Drama, Romance, Slice-of-Life) [PUBLISHED]

I did not know this was gonna release today but i sneakily read it while at work cuz i couldnt wait :shushing_face: it was really great to read the ending for the MC with Alex but… (hope im doing the hidden text right lmfao)


The petty in me wanted karma to hit MCs “best friend” a bit :triumph: like let him step on gum in his new shoes or get stung by a jellyfish and have a stranger pee on him while on vacation or something.


just saw that this just got released so congratulations! even tho i already know it i will be playing through it again lmao

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One day I’ll discover how to get a good ending.

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You need to have mind and energy above 50 I think. When I got it I had mind of 52 so it’s kinda hard to juggle but definitely doable. That being said picking drug abuse hits your stats really hard and I haven’t found a way to get the most positive ending that way yet.

Well… technically there’s a scene. It’s in one of the most brutal play-throughs though. You have to get involved with Alex while also staying in a really bad mental space and pick the end yourself option. I only took the route out of curiosity and it hurt exactly like I expected it to.


Congratulations on the release!

The epilogues for all of the routes were surprisingly satisfying for a game like this, and I mean that in a good way. I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be replaying it from time to time.


I mean i love angst but I’m one of those readers that will literally feel bad for making choices in IFs that hurt my MC or any characters i like :sob: like reading how Alex wouldve felt if my MC did that wouldve been so hard

Like it literally broke my heart doing a different route in The Golden Rose cuz the scene with Hadrian’s PoV crying after MC friends zone him tore me up :smiling_face_with_tear:


Im literally too soft for these fictional characters :face_exhaling:


I’m trying to get that ending. I’m involved with Alex, my MH is in the 30s but the only option I can choose is the sleep option.

Any suggestions?


Congrats! You’ve managed to deliver an impactful story in such a compact package - really inspiring :slight_smile:


That toxic BFF sure deserves a beating to the death honestly.


Great story but really could use a guide as it is quite difficult to get different endings imo


I’m pretty sure if the only option is to sleep it means you don’t have enough energy. Watch your stats really closely when you’re preparing for the date at your place because every task takes a different amount


I just finished the whole game… Whos crying?bc im not (TT)…

thank you for making me cry haha


I just finished and it was truly beautiful. As someone that has struggled with multiple of the mental illnesses discussed it brought me to tears with some of the accuracy. It was truly amazing and after reading it I can’t help but feel just a little less alone. Thank you for that.


Gonna be honest: the relationship between Chloe and MC reminds me a lot of the relationship between Haruma and Shuuji in Dog and Scum.

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I liked the game. This type of relatively small, very personal games always gets me to replay multiple times. Also I, too, can relate to the mc and, well, I found it cool that even though my first instinct as a player is to click on everything, the game gradually teaches you that maybe just locking your phone and not calling the person you’re pretty sure is unavailable right now is better for your mental health.

As for getting the good ending : mind should be 52 or above (I once had 51 and still didn’t get it) with a lot of energy left (I always had at least above 60). Drug abuse really, really reduces all the stats so I dunno how to get a happy ending with that. The only way to keep your energy up is to not do anything for the dinner with Alex, but I still can’t get the mind stat above 50…

I have one achievement left, the third one in the “relationship” trio and I will get it one day ugh I mean I even got to go to Russia but still that ain’t it haha


You should still be able to do tasks for the date.

I’m dumb. I didn’t realize you were talking about what to do after picking drug abuse. Here’s a short explanation for keeping energy up for the other options in case anyone wants it.

I Can't Get the Spoiler Code to Work Here Lol

As long as you count to 6 on the first day you’ll get a bump to your energy and then after you leave Alex’s place on Saturday you’ll get a massive bump up to like 85-9. Then napping after hurting yourself can get you up as high as 95 energy before tasks. Then doing every possible task from there will leave you at 78 which is more than enough for the good ending.

Also as much as I like Alex as a character the trip to Russia sounded way cooler than France.

Locked Achievement

I’m also stuck with one achievement locked but I think mine has to do with Achlys. If I have it figured out right there are 3 achievements for the three endings (Yourself, Achlys, Keep going), 3 ‘Child of’ Achievements (One fired when I went the suicide route and ignored Alex, one fires when dating Alex or getting the good ending without dating them and going to Russia with Nik, and one I think is not letting go of your feelings for BF while being involved with Alex but I don’t remember that one clearly), and then 3 achievements about what Achlys voices in you. I’ve gotten the ones for depression and anxiety but can’t figure out what the 3rd one is or how they are determined. It might be the mind value? Anxiety seems to fire when mind is high while depression when it’s low but that’s just a guess.


For the third Achlys achievement : try spending the weekend alone

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That was it! Thanks for the tip.


I can’t for the life of me find the Russian ending y’all mention, if any of you guys would be kind enough to elaborate on how to get it I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance and I need to cry now after reading this.

It’s part of an epilogue. You have to get the good ending while not dating Alex. Easiest way to do it is to break up with Alex after they call BF.