A Drop of Night (WiP) (Demo Uploaded 04/11/2017)

Yeah i kind of have a thing for tall guys

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People with powers named conduits.
For the most part they manipulate a material.
In the second and third game (most prominently in the third) there’s a group of powered people hunting down powered people.


So… there are six female ROs and only three male ones? That seems very unfair. If you’re going to be gender-flipping one of them, what’s to stop you from genderflipping, say, Casey and Sam, too (they already have gender-neutral names)?


I never said it’s because of their age, because it isn’t. Wildy and Zero were added after everything was already planned out; they’re almost an afterthought, something nice I wanted to do for AAO and Voldy, and while yes, they are main characters, I already know where they’ll end up. That’s the reason they’re not ROs.

Yes, you can choose to be from 15 to 19 years old.

InFamous is one of my favorite series of games, so yes, it is very heavily inspired by it, especially by Second Son. I really liked how Sucker Punch varied things up by changing the powers from elemental stuff like fire and ice and electricity to things like neon, smoke, video, concrete, paper, glass, wire, etc.


My not wanting to? Jack and Jane were always supposed to be flippable, none of the others are.


That doesn’t make any sense. Nothing is stopping you from saying “okay, these two are also flippable”. If you’re flipping one, why not flip others? It’s not like it’ll make a difference to any female-preferring player.


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Oh, I really like the plot, the art and the title. And the characters seem interesting. Good luck with the game!


Excuse me? Does my, the author’s, not wanting to do something in my story not make sense?
Those two were never supposed to flippable. This isn’t something I started last month, these are characters I’ve been thinking about for a long time, namely years; they have backgrounds, relationships with people, connections with the plot and with each other that you don’t know about yet. I’m not changing any of it.

And yes, the bottom line is “I don’t want to make them flippable”.


Yes, it doesn’t make sense. And the “author can do no wrong attitude” is not a helpful one to have, as an author. But if that’s final, then I’ll just have to agree with @idonotlikeusernames, and leave the thread, since this story obviously isn’t for me.


Your game sounds very interesting!


Although I’m quite sad to see only 3 male ROs, we should not jump into any conclusions since we still don’t have any basis for their orientation.

We should better wait for the demo first before we form our opinion.


We do, at best there will be three options, at worst there will be none or just one token gay option.


Well there is a still possibility that three of them are interesting so we better not go ahead of ourselves.

If the author wants only three male ROs, we cannot forced them to do what we want. This is their own creation after all.


I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t understand why you continue to push the issue. It’s her game, her time and her effort. She can choose to do whatever she wants with her game. She doesn’t owe us anything. We also don’t know many things about the characters.
There are many games where the male to female ratio is 5:1, you can play those instead. You don’t have to play this game if you don’t want to, but you shouldn’t try to pressure the author into doing something she doesn’t want to. Besides, I’m quite sure that romance is not the most important thing in the game.


So I’l ask because its a pretty popular trend I’m really tired off and I try to stay away from games following it if I can, is this another world where fat peoples basicaly dont exist and when they do they’re the token “curvy” woman or can I expect more character variety? Its not against the author in particular but everyone being either thin or athletic all the time in almost every story on here feel less realistic than superpowers to me.

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Ok guys -

Please keep the conversation focused on the story-game in question and family-friendly orientated.

The author is serious about publishing her game and is seeking the community’s input on her story. Providing suggestions and constructive criticism is far different then placing demands on the author and harassing her.

This is a Hosted Games title and the author is meeting those guidelines. When providing feedback, it is best to respect the author’s wishes on topics open to discussion.

When the authors says(or indicates through their words) a topic is closed for discussion, it is best to honor their wish, even if you disagree. Provide your feedback, then let the author decide to accept or reject it and then move on from there. Otherwise it can be seen as breaking forum guidelines if excessive.

If something bothers you as a reader/tester it is valid feedback to express what bothers you, so if you see someone writing feedback that you disagree with, please respect them and don’t attack. If you feel a post is harassing the author, please flag it, so the moderators or leaders can help take care of any issues.

Please be considerate of the community, the author who is trying to get her work published and the administrative staff that runs this community.

Thank you all.


This looks really good! I can’t wait!

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Honestly it looks interesting and I can not wait for the demo!

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I knew this reminded me a game. I just got infamous second son the other day and it is a blast. Infamous has always been unique because the powers aren’t like fire or ice but powers you would never expect like smoke or neon etc. The art for this is really cool too. Since everyone else has a code name, can we pick a code name or is there a chosen preset one for us already?

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You will most likely be able to pick your own custom codename.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to.