New draft is up! LOTS of changes:

  • Achievements added!
  • Lots of continuity fixes and random debugging
  • More options in dealing with the Rahuri in Ch 7
  • Longer conversation if you get together with Maurice and Lex both
  • If you save Josephine, she stays alive (At least no NPCs are coming back from the dead anymore!)
  • Improved continuity in the Sarmatia section of Ch 6
  • more paths through the Yellow Fin in Ch 5
  • More opportunities to use money. Bribe away, folks!
  • More granularity of the romance resolutions in the epilogue, especially with poly romances

Also, we are nearing the end of the beta process. If you’re signed up and haven’t given your feedback, please do that ASAP! If you’ve already given feedback and want to try for another run, please do - we’re very interested in hearing comments about how the feedback from earlier drafts has been implemented.



Beta is now closed! Thanks to all who helped out.