1st vs 2nd person narrative for option text

Hello everyone! I am currently writing a project and came across a question regarding the narration perspective. While it seems to be the norm for writing games in second-person narrative, most games I encountered use first-person narrative instead for option text. is there any guideline on using first person narrative or second person narrative in option text? For example, which one below would you prefer?

    # I go hunting.
    # I go sleeping.  


    # You go hunting.
    # You go sleeping.  
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Cog official guidelines recommend using the first person to immerse the player into the choice

Here the link to the Cog guidelines must-read.


@Qorder Think of it like DnD: the author narrates the story (You walk into the tavern), you make a choice (I order an ale), and they explain your actions and the effects back to you (You tell the bartender, “An ale please.” As he fills a cup he eyes your unusual attire. “Where you from?” He asks, placing the cup in front of you). Cue next choice and so on.


Considering interactive fiction as a pre-written DnD campaign is a pretty good advice!


I started in second-person and partway into development, I switched to first-person. I’ve found it comfortable and intuitive to make the switch – after a little practice.

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