3rd person perspective by narrator

Hey all, this is my first post here ^^
Me and some friends are preparing to write a story with ChoiceScript.
One of our ideas is a story where you are a “hero”.
Instead of the normal storytelling, we’d like to use a narrator that refers to the hero/you character in 3rd person.
We want to do this so that there can be interaction between the you-person and the narrator.
The you-person could be referenced by your name, “Our Hero”, or something entered by the reader.
Here’s an example sentence:
While ${Name} packs ${his} humble belongings ${he} spots a stack of books belonging to the inn.
Which could result in:
While Lancelot packs his humble belongings he spots a stack of books belonging to the inn.
Is this allowed, or is a 2nd person perspective mandatory?
Thanks in advance!

There are a couple of threads on this or a similar topic:

The short answer is: As long as you can make it work, the community should be accepting of it.


It’s not mandatory, but making this work could be difficult. Would the choices be writtin in 3rd person too? If they’re not, that would create a slight disconnect between the player and the story, since 3rd person always means your watching somebody else’s adventure, and 2nd person choices don’t fit well with that. If it is in 3rd person would it be limited, or objective? Limited would be easier to do, but objective would be more interesting, since you don’t know what the character is thinking, or what they really feel, and you just control them.

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A 2nd person perspective mandatory? Since when are there rules on creativity?