1941 (ww2 game)


Hi, as of the current moment I am making a WW2 based game called “1941” and Basically its going to have different jobs, such as a pilot, marine, or navy (as of the current moment) and there’s going to be medals you can earn, and promotions too! But there are also a lot of ways to die. Also, in the game you play through some of WW2’s most historically important events, like D-day, Pearl harbor, and other stuff! Anyway, post ideas and tips down below and Thanks!


I’d recommend picking a single branch so you don’t get overwhelmed. Besides that this seems pretty cool.


Isn’t 1941 the name of that old arcade game?

Just checked, it is. Oh! In trying to keep the game historically accurate, are you going to have the player play as different characters?
Also, are you going to play only Allied forces, or can you go Axis?


hmm i might make it so, if so, which branch do you reccomend?


Oops, didnt know! Also, I dont know yet, i may have the player be able to choose different characters and/or sides like whether or not they wish to be a sgt, private, etc!


Sounds good. Good luck!


any of the big 3 would be an intresting view of history

personally i would like a story about an RAF pilot

but army life ether in england durring the prep or going too africa would be fine too.

not sure what you be doing in the navy?

story would likely change a lot depending what county and/or what service you choose and what one does in that service too.

good luck with writing it sounds like your giving your self a lot of research too do if you want too do it right!


yeah i would like to have the player choose their service, country, etc and ill have to look up the navy’s affect on WW2. And thanks and yes it will be a lot of research!


Whichever your most familiar with/want to do the most.


Ok, thanks, and i might do ranks accordance to country and branch, such as SGT for American Marine, etc


Sounds like an awesome game


It sounds like it’s probably a good idea to write ONE soldier’s story with only a few choice-spots and a little branching, and if you liked writing it and it seems to turn out well, you can write a Pilot’s path and a Marine’s path etc as well.

There are places on the internet where you will find people gladly rambling for hours on end about WWII, I’m one of them. Navy’s overall mission in the Atlantic was mostly disrupting or destroying enemy trade and supplies while delivering our own supplies. In the Pacific, the Navy was a much bigger deal. Carrier aviation had a very large role in naval combat by the end of the war, not so sure about the beginning. But choicescript forums are not the place for such rambling, so I’m cutting it off here.


Thanks! I’ll post the link for a testing soon, so you can test it!


I think that might be a good idea, thanks for the tip!


HI GUYS! I JUST FINISHED CHAPTER 3 OF THE GAME! I will be adding a dropbox link soon so be sure to bookmark the topic to be kept up with the recent news!


I had a very similiar idea quite some time ago with different branches and nations etc. for me it didn’t work since I suck at writing and coding.

Good luck


Thanks!, and sorry it didnt work out.


This seems a pretty cool theme to work on, I’m really looking forward :smile:
I just have a question, can the player choose their gender?


As for the current moment, no, but im working on being able to change your gender so dont worry, you will be able too!


Can a mod delete this post? The game is dead