Would an internal saving feature work with the 'bookmark' feature

Oh, talking about tension due to a story being well-written.

Personal example:

In The Hero Unmasked! there is a scene in which you try to save an old lady and her dog from a burning apartment. She urges you to save the dog first, and the text makes it clear that you can save only one by going out the window.

The game, however, then gives you three options: Save the old lady, save the dog, find a different way out to try and save them both.

Now this bit is a little tease. You CAN’T fail here. If you save either or the npc who was with you will nag you for your decision. He’ll also nag you for your daring-do if you picked the third option Nevertheless this is a choice that gets me every time, and I’d have loved to have a save function here, first time because I was genuinely worried about messing that one up and didn’t know that you can’t fail, and in the following playthroughs because I was curious how the other choices would go, but didn’t dare to pick them for the same reason (got my answer to that through codediving later on).

I’d say this is good tension due to good writing.

Similar with good writing there will be choices that in general make you curious what’s there, but they might not fit for the character you have in mind. So having a save feature there would really help, if only to quell people’s curiosity.