What is the command used?

What do u use if you want to input a text that pertains to an earlier choice.

Like if u chose single instead of relationship
And tge mc wants to say if their single or not?

you would use

*create single false

in the startup.txt scene, and then when they chose that they’re single, put

*set single true

and then when they want to say they’re single, use

*if single
	I'm single

i thought it was

 *if single= true
             I'm single 

but i am not sure i haven’t codded in so long

*if single
    I'm single
*if (single =true)
    I'm single

Are exactly same, due volean only work if is true you can’t use if (single =false) that is a error.

oh OK yeah but i learned it to stat if true but guess thats an esier way thnx @Marajade

Variable comparison to a false boolean value, i.e: “if (var = false)” works just fine.

@CJW well i always get error when i tryed when i was learning. something value wasnt fixed each time, so it works glad to known it, i was used the numeric when i wanted use a false.

@CJW is right.

BTW, for those who like using:

*if single
   I'm single

the following also works:

*if not(single)
   I'm not single

I’ve found that not doesn’t always seem to work correctly.
For e.g.:

*temp myvar false
 *selectable_if not(myvar) #1

We should (per logic) be able to select option #1 - but we can’t.
If you replace not(myvar) with (myvar != true) it works just fine.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or an oversight or what, but I tend to avoid using not because of behaviour like that.