What are the longest WIP COG games?

Read it and loved it… I’m waiting for Retribution to release since forever now

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I heard that most of it’s complete, and they are just doing the beta testing so it’s probably not long now.


Not quite as long as either of those, but my WiP (The One Chosen) has about 230,000 words (about a third the length of Diaspora, and a fifth of Retribution). I would hope that it counts as “really good”, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. :sweat_smile:


Oh well The Keeper of Midnight but you need to join the adult thread to have access to it because it’s contain some explicit scenes :smiley:


This one I’ve read…I liked it…


Just considering length,
I, the forgotten one.
The golden rose( well the demo version was reduced and it’s already in publication so it’s not a wip anymore but you get the idea)
The fallen divine
The Odessa dating games
Replica : between universes.

Will update the list if I remeber something else.


Okay, because I was interested, I thought I’d find the actual word counts for all listed games:

All numbers to the nearest 10,000. I added Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Part 3 to the list, too. I skipped The Fallen Divine, as I couldn’t find an official word count anywhere in the thread. Let me know if I missed anything.


Ha! That reminds me that I need to update my wordcount, Thanks Parrot :slight_smile:


I have a WiP up called “Not Your Mother’s Shire.” I’ve written 400k words out of an intended 500k. You’d have to judge for yourself whether it’s any good. It’s definitely not for everyone. Cheers! Hope you find what you’re looking for @Jeehan


My WiP is about 250,000 words, but that’s due to it having two versions of each scene for genders for the RO’s. But, I’ll drop my WiP here regardless as it is a WiP with an average word playthrough of about 30,000 words currently. (WIP) The Bureau - Chapter 1+ will probably have close to 450,000 words or so when the next update comes out, and that will only finish 2 out of 5 chapters.

Apologies if mine doesn’t exactly meet the criteria you’re looking for, but thought I’d put it in just in case!


Shepherds of Haven is a beast wordcount-wise. I think it’s at 650K so far. Alpha demo is into chapter 7, not sure what the public demo is at. It’s one of my favorite WIPs. Also Not Your Mother’s Shire is both delightful and long. Diaspora, also highly recommended. So many new and really good WIPs out there I lose track.


So I’ve read this upto the part where Zhan takes over Ashley and Mack…is there more to it in another demo or will it be getting updated?
Also,I really loved the story


Done with all of these…the fallen divine is one of my favorite games out there…

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I’ve read this one and I’ve completed the demo

Gone through every single one of these…

Lords of Infinity : https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/lords-of-infinity-playtest-link-information-updates-and-announcements/63450 1 125 000 words

A Mage Reborn : A Mage Reborn (WIP) - now with character art! 175 000 words


I would actually consider a mage reborn rather short; I think the author said the first game would be only 150 K or so

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Thanks for reading. Yes, some scenes have been re-written, others extended. Ashley date scene is now completed and Zhan is now introduced to the reader in the first act. To finish, the reader will get to choose between 3 endings and their respective epilogues.

Full game will be available for public beta test before Halloween.

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Lords of infinity is good but there’s no save system and also,I was romancing lady Katharine but now I can’t so I’m not actually enjoying it

You can access the test menu if you choose to change your character name and title.