What are some of the good examples of character creation integrated within the narration?

I feel like a character creation that is integrated well with the narration can really grab the attention/interest of readers. What are some of the good (or better) examples you’ve seen so far?


The character creation in Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven was fun. While the “fill out a document/profile” approach is not necessarily new, it’s cool that you can actually go on a date afterward (if you’re not a teenager), so it made sense in context. I also thought that the opportunity to read your MC’s e-mails after concluding the fill-out process only increased the believability of the scene.

Tin Star is also a really interesting case because the game jumps right into the MC’s trial for murder. As such, obviously, character customization options have to be introduced subtly. This is achieved with several choices that do not outright indicate that or in which way they will define your character. For example, you can earn the trait of being stoic by saying nothing. Or get labeled as a lawyer for choosing an option that includes legal jargon. Just find the way it is set up to be really dynamic and immersive. Hugely recommended.

I also quite liked the character creation in A Study in Steampunk. The game starts with a dream sequence of a traumatic event in the MC’s past as a soldier, so it manages to be thrilling right from the start. I also immensely appreciate that you are asked to give your MC’s middle initial as a direct nod to John Watson. While the game offers little room for detailed customization (male-locked, no hair, eye, or skin color option) in comparison to other COG/HG titles, I still find it thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable as a well-written Holmes pastiche with a unique twist and rich atmosphere.


Avatar of the Wolf is one that stuck with me.

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Choice of the Vampire doesn’t do it as seamlessly as some, but I feel it was the first one that made a strong effort to let character creation unfold within the story rather than using story to make the character creation process entertaining.

Faerie’s Bargain has a rather self-consciously gimmicky character creation process, especially as it concerns the PC’s physical appearance, but it’s both utterly delightful and wholly in keeping with the spirit and style of the story.

Exposition through the PC reminiscing is somewhat overdone, but Way Walkers does it well: it absolutely makes sense that they would be reminiscing about those particular experiences in that particular moment.


The Exile. Choose your pronouns in chaper 1, choose your body type in chapter 5. Choices come up only when it affects narrative.

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Hollowed Minds. My favorite so far

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Personally liked the one in Not your Mother’s shire, where you use it to ground yourself after your awake.


Great Stuff, thanks for sharing

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The Abyssal. It’s a WIP where you play as Death imprisoned by the other Gods. I personally think how you choose your appearance is quite seamless in the narration and it’s also remarkable how the Author relates it to the image of Death, like if you choose for the MC to have dark blue eyes, the Author connects it to petrified flesh.

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I think Wayhaven is doing a pretty good job it’s not rushing through it we have bits and pieces of what our MC looks like as the books go which I think is cool, though I can see some people not liking it and just wanting all the customized options right now. I don’t remember what WIP this was but another I really liked was this one where the first chapter isn’t from our MC’s point of view it’s from someone watching them and taking mental notes on what our MC looks like and some of they’re characteristics so it was a two for one deal.

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