Tropes and stories you hate

It’s probably the “kids get up to mischief, it’s endearing” deal. Like I said, I actually like those characters, but most of my friends throughout the years were not like that.

I mean, if it’s just kids’ mischief, why are they still troublemakers as adults?

What does a troublemaker mean in this context?

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Thieves and pranksters is mostly what I notice.

Good question.

I think it’s probably one of those things that caught on because people like it, but that most authors don’t know the reason for exactly.

As for why the trope seems so appealing to write/read in the first place, my guess is that (and I had like 6 other half-baked ideas before settling on this one) It can be tricky to figure out how much characters would change between then and now, and part of the appeal of such a relationship is familiarity with the person beforehand. Stark contrasts between their personalities then and now are usually played for drama.

I’d have guessed that people just like trickster characters in general. (I mean, if the troublemaker is a prankster, isn’t it essentially just the trickster archetype?)

That does make sense, yeah. The author probably doesn’t want to write an entire backstory explaining how they used to be a troublemaker, but they’re different now, but you’re still friends.

Though Hong Kong Blood Opera does have a character that used to be a troublemaker, and you think they no longer are, but actually they still are, but also you are too so it’s really all a wash. I actually don’t mind those options in that game, because it’s already established that you’re a criminal yourself.

I suppose that’s a possibility though definitely not something I can relate to.

Well I mean, they are very popular in all the folklore I personally know.

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This is probably veering into off topic territory, but I think the point of folklore is to explain something that occurs, not write relatable and popular characters. Not that they can’t be relatable and popular, but that’s not really what folklore is for.

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I do like the fun, mischievous characters. I find them endearing.

Personally, I just find it depends on the level of troublemaking and how “mean” it seems, but I’m sure everyone draws the lines in different places.


I can see that. It depends on if it’s funny jokes/pranks or if it’s just plain dickish. Are we putting itching powder into the school bully’s gym clothes or are we posting someone’s diary on the internet?


I played a bit of Gey Eyes. Who’s Killian?

@comradelenin Childhood friend with you at the beginning (at least, didn’t finish the demo yet) of the adventure. The name is Kaia if they’re a girl.

Oh her? I like her! She’s funny and charming. I’d totally be friends with her.

Every military character being a jack reacher/frank castle tier 1 JSOC operator type. Kills me everytime…

Yeah, I get the protagonist being in Spec Ops or SEALs and the like, but sometimes things can get a bit ridiculous. At some point you need to wonder if they’re doing this shit spartan style and only recruiting elites. That’s not a good idea.

I’m sorry, I know it was probably a typo, but now I can’t stop imagining a zombie apocalypse story where all the zombies are super flamboyant. XD


The Village Graveyard People


It’s fun to stay at the-

…YZCA? (Young Zombie’s Christian Association)

…YMZA? (Young Men’s Zombie Association)