Tropes and stories you hate


What are tropes you hate or that annoy you in stories? Both in Interactive Fiction and in other literature

What repels you from trying a game when reading a description?
What are stories you dislike/hate and/or tired of seeing?

I hate it when they over analyze things using references to ideas and elements that are used frequently in popular narrative fiction. That grinds my gears.


Purely because I am practically a rotting skeleton age-wise, I’m not a huge fan of the whole ‘coming of age while saving the world’ thing, which isn’t nearly as common as it used to be thankfully.

By that I mean when you have a young adult hero (usually 16-20) whose leaving home and becoming their own person coincides with or is forced by world changing events which they become a key figure in.

In general I could do with less early 20s and younger protagonists, but that’s not really a trope.


… Yeah, I mean you’d think that some highly trained and influential Warriors/Wizards/War Heroes with several years of experience would be able to lend a hand when it came to saving the world… But somehow that tasks always seems to fall on the shoulders of plucky teenagers… Who can barely concentrate on the world-saving battle they’re preparing for, because they’re caught in the middle of an oh-so-important love triangle! :yum:


Old people today just don’t understand what it’s like to be a world-saving teenager these days, [scoff]

Love Triangles in general are pretty badly written. There are a few that are a m a z i n g, but generally…they’re pretty bad.


I’ve had a think for a few minutes, but I’m really struggling to think of any. I think this is because the thing I hate most in stories is badly written characters and/or characters I can’t relate to or if I don’t like the plot, genre etc. I also hate it when characters get screwed over in a way that makes no sense…don’t think any of those are tropes though? Oh but I guess “the one” trope is often linked with the last one, so I guess I hate that if done badly.

Probably gonna piss off…well everyone xd but I hated how it was done in the Rocky films. I mean in Rocky three Rocky beat Mr.T…Mr freakin T! And it’s not like when Rocky starts seriously training Mr.T isn’t. And then in Rocky 4 he beats the monster of a man Ivan Drago…Yeah fun story IRL the actor who played him punched Stallone just once properly when Stallone asked him to in the chest so hard he nearly killed him, I shit you not. And this story just shows how stupid the plot is. If the plot was even slightly realistic the fight would last just seconds, utter nonsense. But Rocky had to win because this film was of course filmed during the cold war and also was intended(I assume?) to be properganda. Sorry for rambling but I’m not joking, I genuinely hate this about the movies to the point I usually stop watching Rocky three after the real ending, A.K.A when Balboa loses easily to Mr.T and just roll my eyes during the last part of Rocky 4 as there’s no good place that acts as a real ending.

Oh I also hate in romance films, or films with a romance element the fact(and trope?) that often(in my experience anyhoo) the film ends with the couple in the perfect relationship and they are depicted/shown having sex in the film, which usually takes place over a shortish period of time. The perfect relationship thing is nonsense and hard to believe, at least how it’s done…or maybe it’s that I struggle to relate to most characters. And if a couple really loves each other why can’t they wait to have sex? And of course it’s not called sex, but making love or something because of course it is *rolls eyes. But aside from those two as I said other factors play a much bigger role as to whether I like the story or not.


I’m really not fond of the trope where everyone ends up in a relationship at the end of the book/movie/game/media (bonus points if they barely look at each other before the climactic scene). It always seems like a cheap way to get everyone attached without showing any sign of romantic interest between the pairs.


My bleeding eyes are still recovering from the shipping wars in the Wayhaven Chronicles thread. Sera seems to have the formula well in hand - perhaps our community can learn from her example.

Tropes I hate: Any trope not executed well.

There are so many tropes and archtypes that exist, to escape any and all almost seems fruitless. With that taken as a fact (ymmv) I accept their existence and just ask that they be executed well - game, novel, comic, movie or play, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the author’s ability to write.


I’ll throw another one out there, the smug genius trope: House, Walter White, certain versions of Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Just not a character archetype I dig.


When the guy gets the sole girl of the group simply because apparently writers think thats the default end game state of any hetero relationship. :confused: Because male female friendships dont exist yall. /s


Have a love/hate (leaning towards hate) relationship with dense characters, specifically in romance cases. Like it’s okay for slight gag purposes, if executed well, you can get a few decent laughs out of the joke. But then there’s the point where it goes overkill, making the MC so oblivious to the fact that people like them. It becomes a lazy cop-out if used too much, like seriously, a character just confessed with no chance of misunderstanding and the writer still makes the MC oblivious and dense to the fact that it happened. No one can be this dumb!


When a bunch of characters are in love with you for no reason like in most dating sims or some interactive fiction games. The characters romance and attitudes can feel forced if a game doesn’t have that much thought put into it. Usually these games/stories seem as predictable and probable as a Hallmark movie.



let see…

Getting married in the end . I personally don’t care for marriage in general . And I find it insulting , that ‘marriage’ is like…the last big reward . That it need to happen…cose MEGA HAPPINESS Boost cose of it lol Nah , sorry . I believe you can love each others , without being married .

The Princess , helpless…timide…naive…shy…suttering . Just Urgh…someone kill her already , so Prince charming can go Gay lol

Humm…also…the ‘break the ice with a corny joke’ . I can get behind that . But nowdays , it’s done in a way that , some characters crack a joke at the worst of times . Like the mood is there for you to get your kleenex…and this idiot is cracking jokes . really ? It just…not funny .

The Agressive , butthurt…broody…annoying …idiot LOVE ROMANCE CHOICE . I’m sorry , but I just can’t wrap my brain around ABUSE is sexy . Any idiot who yell at me…will get punched in the face . There is no alternative worlds that exist…where I get swoony over that .

Oh and romance is NOT SEX . When a character claim to like to be ‘romantic ’ and ’ lifted off her feets’ , it doesn’t mean 2min of lame boring poetry…then get naked .

I also hate , when a vilain is overpowered without any logic explanation . Then to top it…there is a cop out how to deal with it . GOD"…just own up to the mess you made !

Crappy unhappy ending that get shoved down your troath . Then someone dare to say you are not intelligent enough to get it . Yeah right…

Oh here is one ! When peoples talk about puzzle…and you end up doing calculus instead XD Seriously…??? Thats a PUZZLE !!! :sweat_smile:


Ah that remind me of something . You can hear the trope ‘You are just like one of the guys!’ . Now ever heard it’s opposite ? 'You are just like one of the womenz ’ ? Lol


Meh the number of films where gender, gender roles, sexuality etc is handled badly is too vast for my mind to even comprehend.


I mean…
Bob and Jake born 3 years apart. Today, Bob the younger bro is 19. Three years later, how old is Jake?




When the bad guys have to win to prove they’re a serious threat and you know it means little since they’re just going to fix it all in the next big comic event. Also any time the hero or heroine is not allowed to find lasting love or happiness because then they wouldn’t be a hero anymore. To hell with that!


But…but…I love smug, arrogant geniuses!


Good god! And they treat him as token gay guy even though hes repeatedly affirmed his heteroness. Obnoxious and somehow homophobic!