Tropes and stories you hate

anything involving the mc being in charge of a troupe of people. im a follower, not a leader. i dread the thought of choosing the wrong choice and ending up with a shit outcome. those stories are still cool tho but unless im a villain, i dont want anyone’s life on my hands

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Yeah, in the romance genre this is the 80% breakup scene, usually caused by a completely stupid misunderstanding that could be cleared up in 10 seconds if the people involved communicated at all. I completely agree and really, really hate this. Especially because it’s so predictable!


I actually do this, but I also give the reader the option to resolve it in the same chapter without dragging it out. My objective is not so much the drama but the make-up sex that might follow talk of trust in the relationship.

So, it’s up to the reader to feel the way they want… be mad or work things out. (For context Mack has a clingy ex that keep texting him, and MC saw one of the messages.

PS: Don’t mind the typos I’m still editing. :grin:

Also a bit of strong language!


Hey! I tried to play your game by following your link on tumblr but I can’t access it!

Is the link available to everyone?

Edit: never mind, I answered my own question by looking at your game’s thread!


Book 1 Keeper has been submitted, so I guess the link is disabled now.


i do love me some make-up sex, i mean, talk of trust.

anyways, i was sad to no be able to finish the demo in time for you submitting it but at least now instead hitting a dead end and waiting for the rest of the book. ill just have to wait for the release of the whole book.

im mostly taking shit on all the manhwa ive read from webtoon. that’s like 90% their go to conflict starter. i wouldve tolerated it if they hadnt made it like 10+ chapters to make up and talk, when all they need is like a couple of frames and boom. happy couple back again!

i think if i were to encounter this in an IF, im gonna be annoyed sure but at least got many options on how to approach it and im so fucking glad that you didnt dragged it out. also funny how ive never met the rest of the ros (if there were other ones left that i havent seen) since i stopped playing right before we murder the keeper (i forgor the monsters name, im sorry!)


No worries, glad that you got this far on the demo that way you won’t have too much issue when book 2 demo gets out.

Agreed. A lot of romance books that I read (Not IF) but like Nora Roberts and others actually do the 10 chapters dragging and it can be exhausting.


Misunderstanding tropes in romance story. Not really hate, just annoying in my opinion.

As much as I love slow pace romance where there are many drama, pining etc Its kinda annoying when there are stupid/small/mundane misunderstanding between couples that can be solve simply by TALKING TO EACH OTHER.
But instead of doing that, they made assumption between themselves and let the problem being dragged for so long resulting to unnecessarily fight.


Yeah, I don’t get it. So many fictional breakups are just one person refusing to talk to the other. There is rarely even any closure, so it’s not even clear that they have broken up. It often involves supposed “cheating” that sometimes may or may not have even happened, but we never get to know because one person refuses to talk.

Supposedly this does also happen in real life, but the only examples I’ve heard are… from people that I never even liked to begin with so I’m not sure their behavior is a good example.


I have 2 that tend to bug me often in fictional works one is where the hero has no power or any real uniquness like others in the world do such as Izuku Midoriya from MHA it’s not the probkem of him not having any kind of ability that makes me hate it it’s when they do nothing to make up for their lacking

My second one is when demons are introduced and a character has a demon possesing them but it’s treated like the demon isnt an evil demon but just a misunderatood good guy


Easy: women being super competitive with other women.
I love supporting females friends, and I dislike the representation of women always being catty and in some sort of rivality with each other. I’m over it.


I’m unfortunately not sure if this is as much a trope as much as it is mirroring real life, e.g., Campion taking a completely unnecessary dig at the Williams sisters. :grimacing:

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In real life, women aren’t always competitive and catty, any more than they’re always friendly and supportive. To depict women as always in competition with each other is just as offensively reductive as depicting us as all sugar and spice and self-abnegation.

  • The “I would give up everything I have if it meant that person X would love me” one

  • love triangles or unconditional love

  • A/B/O (it’s even a trope?)

  • the one where the good always prevails and the villains don’t seem to have much intelligence left


This are D&D terms, but I hate when games make the main character do Stupid Good or Stupid Evil actions, even if it would make no sense at all.

I noticed this more in CRPG’s obviously, but some AAA games do this too.

Thankfully, COG games provide a lot of choices, so I don’t remember noticing any of this tropes of the top of my head :joy:

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I’ve come to hate 2 things:

  • Tomboy princesses (especially these 16 year olds with a hidden masters degree in Alchemie/Swordsmanship/Mathematics, you name it)

  • Fantasy Romance, where two ppl (one being a powerful&rich magical being ofc.) are fated to be together and have that unseverable bond the very second they meet. They also can’t live without each other and are overly overprotective/clingy.


I’m personally getting sick not of the trope of the hero having mysterious powers, but of the ultimate explanation for said powers. No matter what, 99 times out of 100 it just turns out to have been given to them (purposely or otherwise) by the villain. So, the big hook of the story ultimately boils down to a villain monologue about how they’re responsible for everything, the hero’s only special because of them, their powers are actually evil (except not really), and so on.

It often comes with a sudden shift in tone, from being bright, optimistic tale about self-discovery or being a chosen one to a generic tale about needing to defeat the big bad because they’re manipulative and evil. I’m already on board with stopping the villain, I don’t need the rest of the story to be ruined to give me the motivation. Or to add really poorly done moral ambiguity by having everyone treat the hero like a leper for the villain having been the one to give them their powers.

It’s not really surprising anymore either, so it doesn’t work as a plot twist because you can see it coming from a mile away. I’d be much more surprised if they didn’t try to subvert the trope and just had your powers come from somewhere else. Can the hero’s powers actually be special for once?

This trope is especially annoying for me when it happens in IF where your character can’t properly emote, process, or logically think about the issue, or aren’t given enough choices about what to do with the knowledge. So, you walk away from it just feeling like a fraud who’s good at hitting stuff. Thanks game!

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This is very weird to me, because my response to a villain going “Fool! I am the one responsible for your powers! MWAHAHAHAHAH!” is, 9 times out of 9, “lol, and hasn’t that come to bite you in the ass?”

There’s no 10th time, that’s just the 1st time of a new cycle of 9.


Yeah but how many times out of 10?

Also… Isn’t the villain usually romanceable in those games? The authors don’t necessarily expect you to always oppose them.

Hilariously, the games I played with this trope don’t even let you say that. I guess they thought I’d be too crippled by the horror of the revelation to point out that the villain’s kind of an idiot for handing out almighty powers to potential foes.

Not in the games I played. But that doesn’t really take away my point, they should still expect a good chunk of players to oppose the villain anyways, they are still the villain after all.

Also, to be clear, the games I’m talking about are video games, not COG’s. I’ve yet to see one with this exact trope in it.

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