Tropes and stories you hate


The secret evil twin


In one of the fantasy worlds I have been building over the time, there where goblins as a playable race, they were quite cool, could live nearly everywhere cause all female goblins where shamans who could turn even garbage into food and all where poison resistent, loved them. But I loved most of my races, so what do I know^^




Besides Goblins, Rat people and Lizard people are my second and third fave races, like 40k rat people, those deliciously nasty fuckers.


Yeah I really like the song, and the second season of blackadder^^


The one trope that I hate the most…well… its
happy ending. Happy ending in superhero movies basically.

I hate it when everything just seems to fall in its place. Like, a couple of minutes ago, the bad guy who was kickin’ asses like nobody’s business is hauled in a police car in handcuffs on and the girl falls in love with the protagonist in the very end and they kiss with the police sirens buzzing in the background and the hero just takes off after that with the girl gazing up at him.

Now…I’m not really twisted[a little maybe;)] but, let me just say that deus ex machina is a b***h. A phenomenon when the creators of the story just bend it in a certain way only because they want the cape crusader to fly over the sunset. Its not that I hate all the happy endings but, this concluding the story with everything happy-happy just seems so odd. Especially when its the characters who were driving the story until the climax but, then you see the two leads kissing each other. That’s just totally out of character and by doing that the creator rapes his story completely.

Well, though this thing is changing(slowly though). But, I gues writers are trying to improve this happy-ending-is-mandatory (trope). But, Infinity war and Civil War were welcome changes. But, what I really wanna is say that happy endings are really annoying when they aren’t appropriate.


I agree about Chosen One stories. Too often it’s used to justify why the protagonist is as good as/better than the people around him at whatever’s important to the story. While I don’t mind a powerful character, being powerful due top narrative diktat removes a lot of the satisfaction- personally, at least, I prefer the story of how someone fought to become noteworthy, rather than them being noteworthy at birth.


Personally, I don’t fully care for “X group has special powers, but they are just like normal-” Know what? No. They are not.


As far as I can tell you, my gender identity has yet to yield the result of granting me any laser vision.

It’s true werewolves crave human flesh a little bit more so than the average amount, us regular folk typically crave.


What? You don’t trust this guy just because he’s a magic user? What’s wrong with you?

Obviously, acceptance of gender, sexuality and races is all the nice kind of stuff that we should aspire to as society. Guess what? None of those things grant anyone demonic powers/mutant abilities/a psychotic bloodlust.

Would we fault any parents and say they were being too judgmental if they told their kids to be wary of these guys?

I don’t feel like it should always be seen as bigotry and unreasonable that for some inexplicable reason, the average citizen is not completely confident of accepting a twelve foot tentacle monster that eats the dreams of children or the lady who has the voices of the dead inside her head that tell her what to do.


It can be done well, especially if it leads to more questions than answers, or misleads you to misunderstand what’s going on. Donnie Darko does this well imo and uses alternate endings without you actually knowing what you’re looking at is the ending in the first scene. Fight club is another that starts with the ending but doesn’t really give you a clue as to what the whole story really is. I’ll probably think of a few more :slight_smile:
Edit: Amadeus too, starts right at the end, then runs through Salieri/Mozart’s life. Ok, I’ll stop now :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit 2: Thanks @The_Lady_Luck I’ve had the Goblin song stuck in my head for the last hour now :stuck_out_tongue:


I concur with your thoughts on the super powered.

Half the time when I have a choice I like to role play as a person who is like “Yeah Yeah they are fine” but has the itchiest of trigger fingers around said super powered people.

“Oh god that person made of fire is getting angr-“
suddenly said person has no head
Me: “Precautions”


A few more I have:

  • “Overpowered Vampires” I don’t see this trope commonly but usually in romance vampire stories they power these guys to an extreme degree and that annoys me. Especially in movies where the main character can defeat a werewolf easily but struggle with a vampire. Like Where are the stories where mermaids are the strong ones?

  • “Stoic white male with blond hair” This trope just feels unrealistic, how many people know a white male with blond hair? Who also have a hard time showing their feelings?

  • “Opposite love triangle” What I mean by this one of partner is sweet, open and romantic while the other one is stoic, closed and not too romantic. I don’t know but I just dislike this.

  • “story/Interactive story gets Sad in the middle then gets happier at the end”

  • "Robots will get mistreated by humans because humans are “evil” "

  • Games: “Being shamed for being scared/suspicious of “X” supernatural race.”

  • "Tsunderes " Even the non-violent ones.

  • “Slow Slow burns”


Half of these points suggest that Wayhaven Chronicles wouldn’t be your cup of tea.


I haven’t played that game since a year ago and lost interest in it a few months ago. So I completely forgot if any of the tropes I listed are used in the game.


I’d give a pass here bc even tho the vampires are way stronger etc. than everyone else, MC still finds ways to keep up with them in some fight scenes.


Adam/Ava, MC and Nat love triangle

If my defination is correct here this means a person who has trouble showing that they like someone (most commonly the protagonist) and instead of showing affection they either act hostile or rude towards the person who interests them: Adam/Ava fits again I think.


I remember the x men movies saying “mutant and proud” to Rogue. You know, the girl who can kill someone just by touching them.

I mean, I definitely know more white people with blond hair than any other skin color. I’d ask how more “how many stoic people do you know?”

I do like them if they don’t constantly hit you or yell at you. So like 2/5 of the total population.



I have this problem with the X-Men franchise. I think at one point in the movies the straw bigot senator says something along the lines of “There’s a girl in Missouri who can walk through walls; what’s to stop her from walking into a bank vault?”

From the movie’s standpoint he’s wrong, but when I see the scene I can’t help but think “No, that’s a legitimate question. How do we Kitty-proof stuff?”


Um, excuse me, I’ll have you know that Thanos did nothing wrong. I have the Spared badge on Reddit to prove it.


But what did it cost him?


Exactly. Then the other thing is that even the superpowered people on the side of good, still have a tendency to turn evil at the drop of the hat. Take superman who is considered among the strongest heroes and also has been the world’s biggest threat almost as many times as he saved it. That can’t be a frequent pattern. The whole reason the injustice game was so popular was because it was so unique to see evil superman, right?

Even if he is supposed to be a hero, there is still that time he broke batman’s spine Okay. But a lot of the time he’s brainwashed or turned evil by forces that aren’t his fault.



…if even the best of heroes can go ax-crazy or just be a general jerk-ass almost every other tuesday in their universe, and there’s already established actual villains who live on being evil with their powers, is public fear of these people really all that imcomprehensible?

Even batman carries kyprtonite with him, explicitly because even superman’s friends know it’s only a matter of time before he goes insane again. If the world’s greatest detective wants an anti-superman defense, I’m going to go on a limb here and say people who aren’t batman probably SHOULD actually be scared shitless.


God, that dialogue is cringey :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: