Tropes and stories you hate


The hero doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t grow as a character, and when they don’t come back (because they never left) the city is different, but they’re the same as always? :confused:


I actually love this! :rofl: I would read this story!*

*as long as the helpless first child of XYZ isn’t something that hatches out of an egg like a dragon!


Sounds a bit like your character Caine, to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only if “XYZ” is the MC’s fanclub! :joy::joy:


+1. I do like snarky relationships but it is very dependent on whether both characters snark at each other or if it seems one sided. If it’s one sided that is just bullying.


Well, let’s see… initial stages of the Hero’s Journey… we have The Call to Adventure and then Refusal of the Call… I guess in this case our hero is never called to adventure, but then accepts the nonexistent call anyway.

“Everything is fine. We have no need of your services.”
“I will fix everything! :triumph:

Followed by meeting the helpless child and becoming the mentor.


Child: “Please, just leave me alone.”



the city is different, but they’re the same as always?

Captain America: Winter Soldier


No character growth is boring, but for a different and relatively mundane start, I remember an old topic about the Mandela effect. So in that sense what you’re describing with the city being subtly different might be because the main character shifted to a closely adjacent and thus recognizable but still different reality.

Combined with that big mansion in the central capital start, it sounds like the mc is one majorly bored aristo kid himself or something. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This made me laugh :laughing:

The hero grew up amid wealth and aristocracy in the center of activity, but turns out to be the lost heir to a ramshackle hovel out in the middle of nowhere!


Oooh what other classic story arcs can we invert?

How about a girl meets a boy in a perfectly mundane way. They find they have loads in common, and are a perfect match for each other, but against all odds they become pretty close friends.


Ohhh, another one I really dislike. The ultimate love is the love of your parents. It really annoys me how unless there is a disfuncional family, the love of the parents is the strongest love anyone can ever hope to feel. Is soooo disregarding to other forms of love. Ugh.


Make a series filled with only LGBT couples.
Then, 8 seasons in, introduce a sole straight couple. They get a full character arc and finally reach the happiness they oh so crave. All is right! Right?

Yeah no, kill them the next ep right after they achieve happiness. Because theres no happy endings for straight couples. :slight_smile:

Bury the straights. There, trope subverted!


To be fair though that’s only because different kinds of love don’t all operate the same way. Family/Maternal Love is totally different from romantic love (unless of course… erm…) so comparing them is usually unrequired.

As for inverting story arcs I still would love to see a dragon decide he/she wants to be a knight and save princesses/princes from other more evil knights. I think a whole series of COGs which inverts the classic dragon/knight/princess trope would be interesting…


Tropes I’m just sick of, even though they might not be “bad”:
Love triangles that are two men, one woman, and she always ends up with the “bad boy” instead of the nice guy, or the “poor suitor” instead of “rich suitor”, to the point that you can basically always predict who she’ll wind up with.

“Oblivious to love” where it’s supposed to be super adorable that a character doesn’t notice other people have a thing for her/him. Related to the “born sexy yesterday” trope which is most often applied to women, where her lack of knowledge about the world/men is considered the best thing about her and is often creeeepy.

When contrasting two women, the “evil” one will not like kids or dogs, be very into her appearance and wear a lot of makeup/be materialistic, whereas the other one will be virginal or nearly, not care about her appearance (but of course be just as pretty as evil woman)

Related, the trope where a woman who says she doesn’t want kids is happily pregnant at the end.

A million to one chances always happen.

Things presented as super rare at the beginning of a series will be suuuuper common by the end of it.

All authority is BAD and all the rebel protagonists are GOOD. So, adults trying to get teens to not put themselves in danger, police chiefs trying to get the protagonist to not go vigilante, etc, will all be proven wrong. Not gonna lie, I really really want to see the hotheaded young protagonist proven wrong more often.

And my least favourite variant of above: a million scientists are wrong, but a plucky kid with a gut feeling is right.


Actually that’s interesting in how one perceives it if it’s one guy and two women. If you consider the most famous love triangle of Archie, Betty and Veronica, people naturally gravitate to Archie being with Betty because Veronica is the rich and spoilt one and Betty is the poorer but nicer and BFF one. We naturally assume that he’ll (eventually) pick the nicer girl.


I agree with all your mentioned, but THIS one especially.

Not just women, either: The promiscuous guy who enjoys his current lifestyle and never wants kids? Not a cheating type, not one who hurts others, just one who is into promiscuity - well his end arch is him having an unexpected child with a fling and completleyyy changing his ways! Being a father and settling down is his only realll purpose and he was just scared before. A woman who wants to focus on other branches of life and doesn’t want children? No, wrong, obviously she just needs to see the error of that choice because that’s an empty way to live.

Really just any kids = happy ending. It isn’t even a question, in most media it’s just assumed the couple of whatever is going to end up with them or adopting them. Kids are a fantastic decision if you want them, but a lot of people also don’t and that isn’t the “wrong” choice either. :man_shrugging:


I don’t read (m)any straight romances, but what if the “bad boy” is also the rich suitor, what then?
In the same scenario we also, of course, have the nice guy be the poor suitor, so what trumps what then, or does this end in a poly relationship? :thinking:

That can happen, when all those scientists believed Earth was the center of the universe. Many great leaps and bounds we’ve made in physics did start with a gut feeling of someone, most usually a fairly young someone, but there are a few people who have had their great Eureka moments during middle age.


Ouch. That’s basically my relationship with anyone of my friends that aren’t snarky. With like one or two exceptions. And those are because one was so nice I’d feel bad and the other’s a bit of an uppity dick over many things. I mean they’re my friends because they’re ok with me being… me. If they weren’t they’d just get the same passive social niceness most others get. So yeah, I’m generally ok with snarky people.

So… Old Man Logan…

Is it as bad as Killah?

Really SC? I mean off the top of my head Siegfried obviously. But then… Raphael get saved by Amy from betrayal because of Soul Edge and devotes his life to her. Kilik’s sis died. Maxi wants revenge against golem boy. Yoshimistu clan was killed. And out of all those guys Siegrfried’s the only dark character (and I guess Raphael but no ones forgiving him for being a jerk). Maybe count Voldo too? And then on the girls side, Isabella wants her mom back and has evil father trying to kill her. Taki was exiled and hunted down by her clan. And Tira’s… Tira. Amy was an orphan. And Hilde’s tragic backstory happens in the story mode. Groh is supposed to be a Norwegian stereotype who’s also comically serious and then anime inspired like Lars for some reason. I think Tekken would be a bigger offender.


Mmmm. I am a very sarcastic person in real life and I’ve had to learn to read my audience because I have gone too far before, unintentionally. My rule is not to start out with sarcasm and gallows humor until I have a good sense of someone, and then ease into it. If they keep up with me, we’re off to the races. If I make them laugh but they don’t keep up, also fine. But if they don’t find me funny or I make them uncomfortable, I slam the brakes and stick to niceness and silly humor.

That’s what I mean. I like snarky couples (Statler and Waldorf OTP :smiley:), I like snarky characters where other characters may laugh but not necessarily join in, but I really do not like when someone gets repeatedly picked on or treated poorly. It’s a fine line I guess :woman_shrugging: