Trademark Laws Question

Here’s what I have planned (let me know if this is even allowed). At the beginning of the story, you have an encounter with the local librarian. Through some specific choices, you can get her to tell you of a new book she just purchased. Spoiler, its a CS game, but in actual book form. Then you can acquire the book later for an intelligence boost. Would I be able to actually put the name of my favorite CS game in my WIP? Or would that break copyright laws?


Trademark, not copyright.

You are citing another author’s published work, specifically the title (hence trademark territory, not copyright territory). It’d be copyright infringement if you were to claim the author’s works as your own.

You can read a bit more here.

Given how niche of a community this is and how accessible authors are via the forums, I’d probably say contacting the author (if you can) and contacting HG/CoG publishers via support would give you a definitive idea.

IIRC I think Unnatural featured an easter egg where the author cited Life of a Wizard?


Maybe if you asked permission? The point of these laws is protecting from unauthorized usage which gets messy when publishing houses and large companies get mixed in as you would need to buy rights and it’s insanely difficult obtaining allowances if you can contact higher ups at all, but Choice of Games is a small business where you can pretty much directly ask anyone involved.


Yes we did. :slight_smile: As a courtesy, it’s nice to speak to the author in question. I’ve done a few cross-over Easter Eggs with various people.


Got it. Thank you all!