The-Race Help With the Corruption Path


Does anyone know how to finish the corruption path in “The Race”? And thanks in advance.


How far have you got? When I have a little more time I’ll post a full walkthrough.


*Spoilers* hints for the corruption path.
Rather than a full on guide, I’ve written strong help below.

To fully complete the path, you need either charisma, or you need luck and strength.

To start the path, leave your hotel room ad soon as you can and explore the hotel. Go to the 12th Floor bar and check out the menu.

Later, when the race starts, talk to the American/ English team (AE) (this changes depending on your own nationality).

After the first leg of the race, talk to the AE again. Answer the questions correctly but don’t confront the Americans unless Dan is your partner.

After the Nazca leg, go shopping and get a camera.

When you start climbing the mountain, go slow and take the alternative path.

Take pictures first, then get the walkie talkie. (get this wrong and you won’t get Mendez).


I tried your instructions, but got stuck on the “After the first leg of the race…” Should I talk to them at the bar as well? Or do I need Dan to follow this path? And there was no option for shopping.


After your first leg ends and you’ve chosen your dinner, you can talk to the AE team or tHe Russians. When you speak to AE, if you are sufficiently suspiscious you will be asked questions about what you heard in the 12th Floor bar.
If you get these right, you will then be able to confront them (or other options).

The shopping option is only available if you get the questions right.


What do you mean by “sufficiently suspicious”? I wen to the 12 floor bar, looked at the menu, pretended I was still looking at the menu, talked to the brothers, finished second, ordered, and talked to them again. All it said was something about knowing nothing about the spanish team (which I got several times before)


Hmmm it should work regardless of how you do it, but I can tell you a guaranteed way to get it to work. After looking at the menu, take the stairs, then the 10th floor elevator.
Also, try talking to the Canadian/German team instead of the Brothers. It’s possible there’s a glitch there.




Yes it is :wink:


I don’t think even YOU know what happens…


:slight_smile: I left it open for a potential sequel with some of the same characters. Being a race, the story is pretty complete on it’s own. However, I have thought about a sequel taking place in another country (Korea), where you will learn more about the organisers. This is just a loose idea for now though - my thoughts are fully on Blackraven at present.


Sounds good. But so does Blackraven.


Im stuck on both the answer for the aE and the final destination part please help


Hi @Terrion67 Thanks for playing the game!

There is a full guide for the game available in The Race thread:

This link should take you to the part of the guide you need.