The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)

That makes a lot of sense. :slight_smile:

Like when teenager have growth spurts and their brain can’t figure out the extra height/reach they have, so they walk into things/knock thing over. (At least that what I’ve observed, when I was a teenager :P)


Fortunately the dot-tech pretty much ensures that Lord Flash is pretty enough that he won’t need it and the real one probably wouldn’t have needed it for a couple a decades either. Or at least I assume male nobles in this world normally use as much cosmetics as the female ones, considering how gender egalitarian, indeed, utopian it is in that regard.

True, but for tall Flash I’d rather have a funny accident when sweeping the floor, or something, unless that top shelf is really, really high, like so high any normal person would think to use a step stool ladder, or something, to safely use that shelf in the first place.


Huh, good point there, it could also be a moment of “oooh, what did mother leave on the table?” And it going horribly wrong. Though that’s a good point. That probably wouldn’t be an example that would apply to all if at all. X3

Now I’m just picturing a poor bumbling Flash that accidentally sweeps their own feet out form under themselves. Or some how take themselves out by thinking they could step over that one bucket and the estimation being unfortunately off. Pft, step ladders are for the weak I tells yah. For the weak! (Though I’ve fallen from a number of things, hit my head on junk and climbed things I wasn’t allowed too cause I didn’t want to use a step ladder.)


Cause: Innocent gif snippage.
Super Cheeky Effect: My ooc mind still helpfully inserted this one.

Continuity Effort: Now my official Rebel Path update/teaser aesthetic.

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It’s comfy in the darkness with my two friends, darkness and isolation. We also have the devil sitting here with us and tea party! And, there’s @OScott, who’s coming to peace with their sins.[/quote]

Isolation must be thoroughly vexed right about now…

While you have so thoughtfully provided velvet hazmat cloaks for whenever the darkness attempts its seep…

The imagined confession scene that just fluttered across my airwaves was so racy that, now, even I may only have censored access to it…

The most stimulating reference I’ve ever dined upon on a Monday afternoon while the cat stares daggers at me from atop an armoire. The top hats, the nonchalant bleeding, the deadly ascot conduit–why have I never seen this before? Why?

Everyone: I only read “The Myrmidon” for the articles…
on Radjack

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Anyone other than me building a Tribbledroid?

[/the crickets silence to let the tumbleweeds pass]


I’m usually not one to beg but I would humbly request a Momo teaser if you wouldn’t mind good sir. I’m also not one to try and bribe so I will simply leave this bottle of German made cherry liquor standing on this here table of yours.

Now I return to lurking.


Yes, like I said female fashion can become quite silly and I’ll say that even if I was a woman I also likely wouldn’t care one bit for the more silly and frilly “girly” clothes.
I will say that I do envy you women’s freedom to generally wear a much wider range of clothing (the colour choices alone, so much more acceptable colours you have for the office then just dark blue, gray or charcoal) than we guys are allowed to and I particularly envy your ability to freely wear stylish boots to all kinds of social occasions, including work.

I feel remiss that I didn’t properly reply to this hours ago, because I got too hung up on my personal issues to properly answer this.
In any case “the Burden” is the infamous “naked game” around here, where the poor mc literally has no choice but to be naked, due to an insidious curse (well, apart from one article of flimsy footwear).
The other and likely the recent one Cecilia was referring to would be “Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights”, the mc there, First is kind of like Flashdroid in that they really didn’t have a normal upbringing or socialization and as a consequence, dependent on player choice there, may lack a (traditional) sense of modesty and propriety entirely. :wink:
It helps that, again like Flash(droid), they are also always rather attractive. :blush:


Nothing wrong with a little body pride. lol
ITs kinda fun to toy with such norms.


[quote=“idonotlikeusernames, post:1875, topic:15992, full:true”]
In any case “the Burden” is the infamous “naked game” around here…[/quote]

Infamous, you say? Why, I never!

Actually I am still working on it, just not… very… quickly.

But I rather like this WiP - so much potential and so interesting already!


What did you say about not getting taller? Cause according to the BBC Dutch guys have already gotten a cm, taller again then when I last obsessed about it.
If this trend keeps up the average will probably be up to 190cm, or something, by the time I’m 80, or so. Particularly if the guys who are babies, or just a gleam in their mother’s eyes now do get to tinker with their heights during their puberty. :unamused:

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You’re right, when you’re right you’re right.

I have neglected her somewhat, haven’t I?

Fine. Three teaser scenes, written over the next few days. Watch this space.

We’re simply giving the people what they want, providing a public service you might say.


You may continue…

Have you considered voluntary limb replacement and augmentation? Cybernetic organs, muscular tissues and bone-grafts to bestow superhuman powers upon you while simultaneously giving you not just the body beautiful but the Body Ideal?

Imagine, why settle for recreations of your own flawed human legs, when a pair of long hardened faun legs will give you speed, dexterity and a wholly unique style that all around you will envy. You could be the prototype for a new religious affectation with Transhumanism, working not merely to accentuate Humanity’s inborn attributes but to seek new heights of physical perfection and Augmented Individuality.

You could lead the way, a Myrmadonis to show Mankind to the future.

…Failing that, have you tried really tall shoes?


@idonotlikeusernames Join the proudly family of sexy and short. DID YOU EVER SEEN A LATIN LOVER OF 2 METERS? No, We are short and we are sexy. Look Antonio Banderas Look Sakira, Look Mark Anthony or even Ricky Martin… I never heard any tourist say Sorry You aren’t tall enough to me . Even if we have a pick up for that… Honey I am tall enough in the place that matters. In horizontal everything has enough side …Or with this side you can cuddle all my body through night. …


You mean would I use something like the Forge if it would essentially transplant my brain into a Myrmidon body of my design, instead of wiping me out of existence, like what happens to poor Flash? Yes, I probably would (sexy blue skin included), since the chance I’m going to do the one thing humans can and Myrmidons can’t, which is reproduce (naturally), is already infinitesimally small due to my sexuality and lifestyle. :wink:
Except no faun legs of course, as I would want to look like a sexy guy, not a mythological creature. :stuck_out_tongue:

And now you’re making me wonder if there were already cyborgified, human myrmidons walking around pre-fall and what happened to them, as opposed to the ones who were created as Myrmidons from the beginning.
Hmm…that gives me another thought, maybe they stopped creating cyborg Myrmidons and opted for subservient models because of bad experiences with cyborg myrmidons in the past? :pensive:
On the other hand given how vast and varied pre-fall humanity was, that could mean the cyborg civilization might well still be out there somewhere.

I already, on occasion, wear shoes with (subtly) taller heels, in fact most of my work shoes already have a 2.5 cm heel (instead of the men’s standard of 1 to 1,5cm), which is the tallest that will subtly blend in on most men’s shoes. For things I only wear rarely I do have shoes and mostly boots with 3cm, 4cm and even some “Cuban” 5cm heels, which is the tallest one can go as a guy before walking becomes uncomfortable.
Of course if taller heels for men were to really become “in fashion” again then the taller guys would start wearing them too and any beneficial effects from them would be lost. That said, given the apparent fashion in vogue within the Rings, I expect that despite his already impressive stature, Lord Flash will probably be well-heeled, yes?

Ricky Martin is actually the former average height of the Dutch male, from when I obsessed about it as a late teen, at 182cm and yes, I’m gay enough to know mr. Martin’s height, deal with it.
Though you may be right that the most successful Latin lovers in the world may not be the tallest of men, they are rarely short little pipsqueaks either.
In any case the point is rather moot, I don’t have the sense of dance and rhythm to ever be successful as a Latin lover, even should I master the language. My absolute low point in a nightclub was when a trained nurse became convinced I was actually having a seizure when trying to dance. And the most sexy Spanish guy I can think of Enrique Iglesias, even though he sadly isn’t gay, is even taller with his 187cm, so he would be above average even here.


Ricky Martin is the tallest of latin lovers and he is average for your country. Javier Barden (Penelope Cruz husband) is not really tall either Banderas the same. I mean nobody called us shorty lol. I don’t know I never had that problem and for your standards I am tiny lol. It is a question of praid being a Latino. You has to looking in a mirror and say THAT’S ME AND I ENOUGH MAN TO ACHIEVE MY DREAMS no one would destroy my confidence I am a male and I am hot. Our males have lots of defects, but they know how to inspire confidence and virility. Many don’t dance well, but they act casually about it saying I am well in another private dance … this is just a appetizer (normally a kiss would come here) Comme on you could be a latin lover!!
Edit I will try to add something on topic… Could our flash being a flirty latin Lover Don Juan… Because my Mara is not shy and knows how to flirt… I don’t want a nun shy mara…


Well you did say the Mara in this game would be a sex-bot droid, so I’d imagine so, that stuff has to come preloaded for them, right @Moreau ?

That I’m using Farscape’s Crichton as one of the main inspirations for my Thinker droid Flash, doesn’t mean anybody else has to have their Flash spout adorkable ancient pop-culture references nobody around them “gets” anymore, after all. :sweat_smile:


Oh you are so cute :hugging: sadly You don’t swing that way :wink: and my best friend is already engaged Both of you did a great partner. He is 1’70 lol he is adorable tan and slim and a nerd with a drawing and lawyer career sadly he is with a medic…

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Diff’rent strokes for different folks, I suppose…

(Beats hooves against the ground nonchalantly…)

Gonna have to watch you too, aren’t I?

So well heeled. I’m talking gold embossed ivory with a lining so soft you feel like you’re walking barefoot, but about three inches above the ground.

I do appreciate it, my dear.

What’s the point of being able to shape-shift into the visage that any human most desires if you’re not going to play with people a little bit?

Movement, dance, massage and body-contact. These things will all be instinctive to the Concubine, who will also be able to infuse their touch with minor electrical stimulation so light it will merely feel like a warm tingle.

I can see that. The picture is becoming clearer, yes.

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Okay that’s my fault; I thought you meant people in their current lives. I don’t know why I jumped to that, given that the idea is stupid, but that’s what my brain leapt to. I’m having way more derpy moments than I’m proud of recently.

Plus, even if gene therapy is a thing 60 years in the future, it’s going to be mind-blowingly expensive until its commercialisation, which will probably take place decades after that.


Enter Dot-Tech! The tailored Nanotic solution to all of life’s woes! Feeling a little chubby after a long vacation? Dot-Tech will harmlessly metabolise your spare baggage and use the resulting energy to add tone and definition to your muscles through internal muscular massage.

Feeling a little under the weather? Dot-Tech will take on any critter who dares to pitch camp in your body.

Craving a new look? Dot-Tech will perform harmless, painless cosmetic enhancements that will make you the toast of the town!

Looking to impress some friends or really get back to nature with some good old fashioned roughage? Dot-Tech can help! Simply purchase one of our new self-defense clouds! You’ll be tossing fireballs around with a flick of your wrist!

Dot-Tech is safe.

Dot-Tech is easy.

You won’t remember how you survived without it…


That sounds rather ominous. But that would probably both sell out and negate the awe for a Myrmidon android. Be careful what you wish for.

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I was approaching a hammy acting ratio of over 9.5 Shatners there, wasn’t I?

No honestly this story is sort of tied up in a much larger world now, one I’ve been building on and off for a year or so. The Dot-Tech is important.

Watch the Dot-Tech.