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Hello. This is my first post here and my first steps into ChoiceScript.

If I have several paragraphs to show, I’d like to fade the others in after a few seconds. For example :

“You arrive at the place where the thing is; the splendor of the scene makes you pause for a moment …”
(pause for a second or two)
" … "
(pause again for a second or two)
"… before noticing … etc etc "

I want to slow the reader down to my story telling pace. I know I could split the paragraphs up over several pages, but that involves clicking buttons to move on. I’d like the reader to be a passenger for certain elements of the story.

That’s not a feature that ChoiceScript provides.

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I guess, if you wanted to really get advanced with it, you could use the “timed choice and auto advance” mod that was made here:

However, I wouldn’t even attempt it, let alone try it as a beginner. As Dan said, text automatically fading in is not something ChoiceScript does.


Thanks for your quick replies.

I’ll leave that out for now. It was just an idea I had, inspired by a story-game called A Sailor’s Dream that led you lazily through a world. I used to play that whilst half asleep, which had nothing in it to jolt me awake. I was thinking of recreating that kind of experience.

Anyway, I should walk first …

The effect ON the reader can however be achieved with having the next button do tricks

*page_break ..............

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